Monthly Archives: February 2011

A Fish Among Playthings

Today, when playing with my daughter and her toys,  I found a great opportunity to slip in a cap.  Among the bunnies, flowers and Squinkies is a cap from one of my favorite beer brewers – Dogfish Head.  I’m not sure exactly which delicious type of beer this specific cap came from, but if I had to use my imagination – I’d guess Palo Santo Marron (since it just happens to be one of my favorite Brown Ales).  Finely crafted and aged in a Palo Santo wood barrel, it’s a rich, malty and complex.  If you haven’t tried one, go get one today!



Okay… so I was so excited, I couldn’t really wait for March 1st to start up this project, so I’m posting my first picture early.  Here is a picture of some of the beer caps you will find amongst my pictures each day.  And since these are beers we’ve actually consumed, you won’t see any Budweiser or Miller caps… sorry!

A beer cap a day…

I have two loves (besides my family of course) which are photography and beer.  I’ve had a photography project of posting a picture a day since last summer… and I suddenly had a brilliant thought:  Why not combine my two loves?  I thought I’d challenge myself to take a picture each day and include a beer cap somewhere in the picture.  Silly, maybe – but fun, totally!  I’ll start on March 1st, so be on the lookout for some of your (and my) favorite beers.  Cheers!