Daily Archives: March 18, 2011

Anchors Away


Yes, that is my weak little arm… but I couldn’t resist making this Anchor cap my fake bicep tattoo!   Cute, eh?  So – this cap is obviously from Anchor Brewing.  I remember having my first Anchor Steam beer back in 1998 at River City Dinner in Downtown Richmond, VA.  Before that beer, I’d only drink Newcastle – but that one little bottle of brew from San Francisco opened my eyes to try new beer.

This particular cap is from a bottle of Anchor’s Old Foghorn Ale, which is a Barleywine Style Ale.  I do love Barleywines but haven’t tasted this one, so I assumed it was a cap of my husband’s.  I asked him “Was the Old Foghorn good?”, and he replied with, “Good?  It was delicious!”.  So there you have it – a delicious Barleywine from Anchor Brewing!