Daily Archives: March 30, 2011

Deer in the Headlights

My husband says this cap probably came from an Old Dominion Millennium Barley Wine, which he says is delicious…. but I’d like to imagine that I saved it from 5 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter.  Obviously at the time, I wasn’t drinking “regular” beer (although I did crave it), so I became a root beer addict.  If you weren’t aware, Old Dominion Brewing makes some superior root beer and ginger ale – and this pregnant woman probably kept their root beer line a flowing!  A really like that it comes in a glass bottle, and it has a “bite” that most root beers lacks, not to mention that it’s oh so refreshing.  This dreamy drink is also free of caffeine and high-fructose corn syrup!

If you haven’t tried one of these, you really haven’t had a true root beer… so what are you waiting for??