Daily Archives: April 12, 2011

Drink it, Stoopid’!


Lagunitas Brewing has some pretty good beers with equally cool names.  I love it when a brewery takes the time (and has the sense of humor) to name their beers something fun!

I’m mostly a Brown Ale girl, so one of my favorites from this brewery is “Brown Shugga'”.   Guess what its not so secret ingredient is?  You’re a genius… brown sugar!  It’s delicious, rich and malty, but I remember feeling a little loopy after just one – 9.9% can do that to you!

Another beer by Lagunitas that I’ve tried is the “Hop Stoopid”.  I LOVE the name, although the beer is just a little too hoppy for my taste.  My husband will put dry hops on anything , so it’s right up his alley – and he does enjoy it!

I wonder if they’d let me name one of their beers…. how about “Season’s Brew” for their Winter Ale?  Eh… I’m not good at the naming, but I do enjoy the tasting!  Cheers!