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Harpoon’s Winter Warms My Heart!

Brew a beer with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, and it’s sure to be a hit with me!  Winter beers should give you the “warm fuzzies” and that’s exactly how I feel about Harpoon’s Winter Warmer.  A malty, delicious, spicy brew – it’s perfect for a cold day.  And while it does make you think of Mom’s Apple Pie, it isn’t overly spiced to the point of annoyance, like some other holiday Winter beers.

Harpoon is an all around great brewery serving up other yummy beers such as their Chocolate Stout and IPA!  My only real complaint as that you can only purchase the Winter Warmer and Chocolate Stout in their Winter Mixed 12-pack… which is only available in, you guessed it, Winter!  So, if anyone still has any of these delicious bottles laying around – invite me over!!

Light Beer… Never! Okay, maybe just one!


I had my phase of light beers, way before I started trying bolder beers with more flavor.  I’m not sure what my attraction was to those watered down lagers.  I do understand people not wanting a beer gut, but seriously, after branching out and trying other “real” beers,  I’d rather have a couple of really awesome beers than a few mediocre light beers.  Although I don’t normally choose a light beer, there are three (yes, only three) light beers that I think actually have flavor.  One is Amstel Light, the other is Yuengling Light and the last is Sam Adams Light.

At one point in my life when I was drinking a much more popular, but less flavorful light beer (I won’t name names) – I was introduced to Sam Adams Light by a friend.  He was like, “It tastes like real beer!”; and he was right – it was really quite good!  It doesn’t taste like someone mixed a regular lager with water – it tastes it was brewed to make people happy (both with flavor and less calories)!  I’m glad I came across this cap tonight, I may have to go buy a six pack of this soon… I mean, it is almost bathing suit season!


Dopple ist gut, no?

The Aventinus is a German Wheat Dopple Bock – which is basically a dark wheat with bigger, bolder flavors – and of course, more alcohol (this beer weighs in at 8.2%, to be exact).    If you like beer in a glass (which basically means a thick beer made with lots of wheat) with a malty and raisin type taste, try this beer.


Don’t let the word “wheat” fool you though – this isn’t one of those summer wheat beers that bartenders try to ruin by serving with a lemon – oh no, it’s much bolder than that – and much, much darker.  I, personally love Dopple Bocks; they are close to my heart, much like Brown Ales and Tripels.


Don’t fear the Dopple – give it a try!

This post is for you…

I took advantage of April Fools Day, and didn’t use a cap for my post today – “April Fools!!!”.

For all of you fellow beer drinkers who are running the Monument Avenue 10K tomorrow – I salute you!!

If I survive the race, I’ll be having a beer at The Capital Ale House afterward!  Cheers and Congratulations to all of you – it’s really a run for a great cause!!