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Old Tom – Claims “World’s Best Ale”?

I took this with my cell phone’s camera, so don’t hold it against me.   I’m going to have to start carrying my camera out with me when I go have beer at friends’ houses!

This is another beer that our friend Pat brought back from Europe.  This “Old Tom” Strong Ale is brewed by Robinsons Brewery in Stockport, England.   It’s 8.5% and sports a great label!

This beer was so malty… but without any sweetness.  It was the strangest thing!  My husband said it tasted a lot like Black Strap Molasses, which aren’t sweet like regular molasses.  Whatever was in this, it wasn’t my thing.  I enjoy rich, full, malty beers – but part of the reason I love malty beers is because the malt brings with it some sweetness and even a raisin taste, at times.

I did love this small little warning on the back showing a pregnant lady with an “X” through it.  Nice of them to add a PSA.  I thought that was just as cute as the Tom Cat on the front.

Evidently, for a small bottle, it’s pretty pricey, but with a label stating “World’s Best Ale”, you’ve gotta give it a try – right?


Long Weekend of Great Beer

I hope everyone had a wonderful, long weekend filled with great people and delicious brew!  This weekend, we found a sampler pack in which we actually liked EVERY beer!  That is hard to come by!  Red Hook has a fabulous sampler that features their ESB, IPA, Copper Hook and Pilsner.  Normally there is always at least one beer style in the 12-packs that I don’t care for – but all of these were yummy!  If I had to pick my favorite, it would be the Copper Hook – mainly due to it’s maltiness.  My second favorite was the Pilsner (which is weird because it’s the opposite of the Copper Hook) but it is such a clean, crisp Pilsner, that it’s perfect on a hot day.

I also love the new bottle shapes they have – sort of like the “Red Stripe” bottles.  It’s enjoyable too, to pop each cap and read a new little message under each.  Seeing things like “Cheers to 12oz. curls” or pictures of bananas, just makes you smile!

If you’re looking for a sampler to please everyone, pick this one up.

A Beer Straight From Germany


My friend, Pat, just got back from Germany and smuggled us some great brews to try!  This particular brewery orginated in 1119.  Isn’t that surreal?
This beer, Kloster Scheyern, is a Doppelbock and wow is it rich!  It’s unlike any Dobblebock I’ve ever tasted, boasting lots of amazing molasses flavors – I mean, real molasses!  I can’t read the label at all, except that it’s 7.4% – but if you’re ever in Germany – get one of these!

I Found the Holy Grail!

I found out that they now sell the Holy Grail Ale in six packs – I only ever remember it in larger 500ml bottles.  My husband snagged said prize (it was hard to miss with the glowing lights and angels singing around it) and brought it home for us to drink.  Wow – after my first sip I’m reminded how appropriately named it is.  I love the malt and hop flavors… and seeing as it’s brewed in England – it has that “English water” taste.  You know what I’m talking about right – that taste that is so hard for brewers here to duplicate?  That English water really adds to the malty richness and full mouth feel of the beer.  Just by tasting it, I wouldn’t have guessed that it’s only 4.7%ABV – it seems so much bigger.  I’m thankful for the lower alcohol content though, it’s nice to have a beer you can sit back and enjoy 2 (or 5) of.  🙂

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the tie in to Monty Python – as I love “The Holy Grail” movie!  I didn’t test it out, but I’d be willing to bet they engineered these bottle caps to float so it’s easier to determine who’s a witch.

Legend Brewing – ESB

Yes, I know that I post a lot about Legend Brewing, but they’re local – I can’t help it!  Today, sitting on the deck, my husband ordered their ESB.  I have to say there was nothing “Extra Special” about it.  The brew actually tasted a bit funky – and when we asked the waitress about it, she replaced it with a Golden Ale (my husband’s hoppy favorite).  Come to find out, we were served the bottom of the keg, so I guess it was pretty slushy.  Maybe we’ll try the ESB again, but that funky taste sure won’t be soon forgotten.

I, on the other hand, had my staple Legend Brown Ale – which I adore.  It was delicious as always.  I guess there is something to be said for leaning on the old favorite.

Hopefully everyone else had an equally gorgeous day as we did here in Richmond!  Cheers!

Beer Quote for Today…

Instead of a cap picture for today, I stole this quote from my buddy Eric, because it’s awesome:

“Thank you microbreweries, for making my alcoholism seem like a neat hobby.” – Jimmy Fallon

Sierra Torpedo

Torpedo by Sierra Nevada is some pretty hoppy stuff!  I enjoy the regular Pale, and can have one of these Torpedos, but can’t handle a second – it’s just too hoppy for me.  It kinda kills my taste buds for anything else.  My husband, on the other hand, LOVES this brew!  He actually prefers it over the regular Pale Ale by Sierra – and would probably even add some dry hop leaves on top for garnish!  Yes, I married a Hop Head!

Back in the day, I would only drink browns or wheats, I’d try a sip of my husband’s beer and tell him it tasted like erasers (the hoppy or bitter taste).  I have grown, over the years to appreciate hoppier beers, but I guess EXTRA hoppy is an acquired taste that I haven’t reached, yet.

Harpoon Leviathan Series – Imperial IPA

HOLY HOPS… at least that was the first thing that came to mind when I took a sip of this complex Imperial IPA from Harpoon.  This beer was packed with a ton of hop flavor, but surprisingly (and thankfully) it wasn’t too much on the grapefruit side.  I really enjoyed the thickness and body in this brew, which also weighs in at 10% ABV.

Harpoon makes great brews, and I’m interested in trying out some additional beers in this Leviathan Series.  I hear there’s a dark wheat wine-style ale out called “The Triticus”, that I haven’t tried… it’s now on my list!  Cheers!

Stillwater Dark Saison


My husband picked up some Belgian beers to share this weekend.  This particular beer is the Stillwater Artisanal.  My friend Monica describes it as, “perfectly balanced!”.  It has a rich, dark chocolate flavor up front, and a spiced caramel finish – without being sweet.

It’s an 11.2oz bottle, but plenty rich to share with friends!  Cheers!

Flying Fish – Exit 4 Rocks!


I realize this picture isn’t the best, but I’m trying to keep up with the blog while we’re out of town!  Good thing that our out of town visit is with friends that are total beer lovers!  When we arrived, I was greeted with a Paulaner Salvatore (one of my malty favorites)… delicious!  Next, we tried the Exit 4 from Flying Fish – part of their awesome “Exit Series” featuring a different beer for each exit off of the Jersey Turnpike.  I posted about another one of the “Exit Series” beers, but this “Exit 4” totally kicks panties!!  The style of this Exit beer is an American Trippel… I do enjoy the standard Belgian Tripels, but this American style is a little different.  It doesn’t have that banana belgian taste, but is still bottle conditioned and full of rock candy sweetness!

If you haven’t tried Flying Fish’s Exit Series, you must… I’ve only tried one I didn’t like so far (mainly due to it being brewed with oysters).  Pick up a bottle of each “Exit” though and have a Jersey Exit Party!