The Green Bottle Blues…

Pilsner Urquell was my first “real” Pilsner style beer (I always though MIller Lite was a real Pilsner, until I tried this).  I really love this beer on tap – fine craftsmanship of a clean true Pilsner that is perfect on a hot day!  Did you catch the part where I said that I “love it on tap”?  I really hate that it comes in a green bottle – as it never fails that the once fine brew is now skunk central!  I opened one tonight at my brother’s house and I could smell the skunkiness as soon as I popped the cap… ugh.  My husband says that other countries used to brew in green bottles to differentiate from crappy American brew – but now that American brew is nothing to scoff at, why not do away with the green bottles?  All those green bottles do is let in light, which totally ruins any deliciousness in the brew!

My plea to Pilsner Urquell (and any other delicious green bottled beer) is to do away with those bottles… I promise to buy more if you do!


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