Daily Archives: May 16, 2011

North Coast – Old Stock Ale… Stock Up!

I had the pleasure of sharing a 2008 Old Stock Ale the other night.  If you’re not familiar with the Old Stock Ale from North Coast Brewing Company, it’s BIG – 12.5% and full of rich malt and tons of hops.  They actually put lots of hops into this particular beer with the intention that buyers will age these beers; when they do finally pop the cap to partake, it will be full of rich flavors –  all of the different elements melded to perfection.

This Old Stock that I tried was so unbelievable – it was like a fine aged red wine – so smooth, complex and tasty.  The hops were totally on the tip of your tongue, but the maltiness was definitely the boss in this beer.   I imagine if you tasted the Old Stock Ale shortly after it was brewed, you would taste an overwhelming amount of hops – but having a little over two years to mellow, it was so balanced and beautiful.  Thumbs up from this girl – stock up and let it age!