Modelo – Especial? Eh…

Negra Modelo is a dark lager that I gusta mucho!  Having such high regard for Negra, I guess I expected more from it’s little sister, Modelo Especial.  The Especial is a very clean, crisp and light lager – but it’s so thin, it’s barely worth drinking in my opinion.  Maybe I’ve been spoiled by the sharp Pilsners and dark, rich Brown Ales so much that I really don’t have a taste for the average lager anymore.  I can say that it doesn’t have the horrible corn aftertaste of Miller and Budweiser – so that gives it an advantage, and it’s nice that they do offer this lager in a can for versatility.

When craving a beer, I’d prefer the Negra Modelo over the not so “Especial”.


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8 responses to “Modelo – Especial? Eh…

  • G-LO

    The Negro Modello is a damn fine beer, but the Especial isn’t too bad either. Guess it’s gonna have to be included in The Great Summer Beer Challenge! Let’s see how it holds up against our ever expanding list of competitors.


    • The Wookie

      Who says you decide what get’s included in our Great Summer Beer Challenge? The Especial sucks! If they put Negro Modello in cans we’ll consider it but I have 3 canned beers in my fridge right now that would kill the the Especial. What do you want to include next Pabst?

      BTW …. Nice review Randommanda, I could not agree more … Sorry I had to “Wookie Out” on G-lo in your space on the Blogosphere but he needs to know that he cannot escape me!

  • THF

    Booo! Pity you don’t like Especial, it’s one of my favorite Mexican beers. Oh well, more for me!

    What are you thoughts on Tecate? Better or worse than Especial?

    • randommanda

      Eh, Especial didn’t do much for me. Tecate, I actually don’t mind – it has a bit more body and malt than the Especial, in my opinion. If I have to choose a beer to go with my tamales though, I’d reach for a Dos Equis or a Negra Modelo!

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