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The Road to Here

Tonight, I dumped out my caps that I’ve already photographed and took this picture.  Wow, that’s a lot of caps!

I started thinking that I run across a lot of the same caps in my day to day drinking and could use some inspiration.  If you (yes you – whoever you are, reading this) run across an awesome cap I should photograph – or even a beer I should try, send it to me (don’t send me the actual beer, but send me a message with a beer I should post about)!!

Here’s my mailing address – PO Box 1992, Midlothian, VA  23113.

I’d love to take a shot of your cap!!  Cheers!!


Harpoon – Island Creek Oyster Stout



I have to admit, I wasn’t actually thinking this beer would be any good – especially since I’m not a big oyster fan.  It was super smoky and had a very rich, roasty flavor at the end – but I didn’t get the fishy flavor I was expecting.   I do love that it was rich, but I’m really not into the extreme roasty flavor that this beer was full of.  For a couple of sips, I could handle it – but I’m not sure I could drink a whole glass.  I do know some other people that loved it, however!

While it’s apparently brewed with oysters, I didn’t get all of that oyster flavor I was expecting – which in my case, isn’t a bad thing!

It’s worth a try though – especially if you’re into dark roasts!


Lego Cap


After playing Legos with my daughter, I couldn’t resist posing the crazy pirate and his Rayban wearing sidekick for a cap picture.  My husband is to thank for their carrot sprout hair and the added bouquet of flowers.  If you love pictures of Legos though – I’m not as good at taking Lego pictures as this guy (I dare say “I’m not worthy!!”):   I love following his blog – super hilarious and detailed, well thought out scenes!

This cap is from Bells, who make fabulous beer!  Their “Best Brown Ale” is super delicious and pretty malty!  I am a “Brown Ale Girl” so if it’s short of delicious, I’d let you know!  I believe I’ve posted about one of their other beers before – maybe the Oberon?



A Pale for Your Pail!


After spending the weekend at the beach and the pool, we had to find some great canned beers to take with us!

Seeing as Oskar Blues brewery prides itself on being the brewery who serves all of it’s craft brew in a can, what better beer to choose for a “glass free” weekend?  I already have a love for the “Old Chub” which is Oskar Blues’ Scotch Ale.   I branched out and tried the Dale’s Pale and really enjoyed it.  This brew is a little more hoppy than my standard Sierra Nevada Pale, but I love it!

Add this can to your list of beer to pack in your sand bucket on the way to the beach!  Cheers!

May the Schwarz Bier be With You!


We are out of town this weekend, so I’m using my phone to post my blog… so I apologize for the quality of pics! 
On our way to VA Beach for a long weekend, we stopped at Gordon Biersch for lunch and a brew or two.  I enjoy their Marzen in the bottle and it was even fresher on tap!  However, my favorite was their Schwarz Bier!  Dark and delicious, this beer hit the spot and finished off my tastebuds with a roasted coffee flavor.  I really enjoyed it.
Enjoy your weekend!!  Cheers!

Fullers ESB should stand for “Extra Special Beer”

Okay, okay – before you call me on it – yes, I realize I’ve already used one of these ESB caps before.  I didn’t actually realize that until after I’d taken the picture and settled in for the evening though, so I’m totally using it – don’t shoot me!  😉

You can check out my other post about Fullers ESB if you want – it’s a fabulous beer.  England certainly has special water that puts a tell-tale taste in its beers; it’s a taste that I love!  “ESB” actually stands for “Extra Special Bitter”, and this beer does have a little bitterness at the end, but it’s maltiness is what really draws me in.  If you haven’t tried Fullers ESB or their London Pride, you should.  Both of those beers are well brewed and tasty!

The Queen of all Hefeweizens

It’s that season again – so bring out the wheat beers!  Paulaner Hefeweizen is a classic German Wheat beer and in my opinion, is the beer that should be used to judge all other German Wheat Style beers!  Some ridiculous bartenders serve this delicious beer with oranges  – yes, I just heard you gasp and I agree!  Paulaner Hefeweizen needs no fruit to enhance it’s banana and clove goodness – it’s rich all on it’s own.  My husband tells me that the spicy clove and banana flavors actually come from the type of yeast that’s used in its brewing.

While it’s so very tasty, I must warn you – it’s like bread in a glass:  very filling!  So – skip dinner and drink a few of these on the deck instead one summer night!  Cheers!

The Creamy Beer in the Gold Can


When you think of a creamy headed beer, I’m sure Guinness is the first beer that comes to mind – but Boddingtons is just as creamy and even more delicious, in my opinion!  Served in a big yellow can, this English Bitter is full of flavor and has been around since 1778.

I first discovered Boddingtons about ten years ago, when I was looking for canned beer to take on a tubing trip (no glass allowed).  I was pleasantly surprised by the creaminess but sharp bite that this beer packed into a can; I totally expected it to taste like some generic lager.  Just in case you’re curious, I also picked up Guinness and Youngs Double Chocolate Stout (can you say “YUMMY”??).  I know I’ve mentioned before that canned beers have come a long way, but I do still enjoy this classic!

Where is the love? Starr Hill, of course!

There is a lot to love about Starr Hill’s “The Love”.  It’s a German Hefeweizen, but surprisingly light in body and not overly “wheaty”.  The slight hints of banana along with the crisp taste of cloves make this unfiltered wheat a hit.  I used to be a Hefeweizen lover, but came to found them too filling.  It’s nice that Starr Hill has managed to balance the body and flavor to make such a great, yet less filling beer.  Yet another summer treat I’m adding to my “must have” list for cookouts!


Samuel Adams – A Season for Saison

Saison is a beer style I enjoy, as long as it’s not too funkified – if you know what I mean!  Sam Adams continues to impress me with how they take strong beer styles and make them “user friendly”, introducing newer beer drinkers to different types of beer they might not normally try.

Their Rustic Saison Summer Beer is very true to the Belgian Style Saison, although has slightly more citrus taste and is less musty tasting.  There are some spicy notes, but overall the beer is pretty light with a Belgian twang finish.  It’s a perfect summer “kick back” beer, and totally hit the spot for me yesterday, as it was over 100 degrees!  Cheers – and stay hydrated!