Ode to Homebrewers

I cannot be picky as I do not brew,

but this smell can only be described as “phew”!

I know you’re new at this and all that,

it does take a while to don a brewer’s “hat”.

Try, try and try again –

practice makes perfect, it’s not as easy as Gin.

Keep trying, don’t you dare give up,

one day locals will pay $5 for a cup!


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I'm a freelance photographer in Virginia who loves good beer. View all posts by brownalegirl

2 responses to “Ode to Homebrewers

  • sweetandstout

    I would love to try some home brewing, I think it would be fun. I’m pretty sure I would have a few “phew”s at first too!

    • randommanda

      Believe me, my husband brewed some pretty undrinkable beers when we first started dating – but I love his beers now; granted – it’s been 12 years! 😉
      I shouldn’t joke, I wouldn’t know where to begin – I just enjoy drinking it!

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