The Queen of all Hefeweizens

It’s that season again – so bring out the wheat beers!  Paulaner Hefeweizen is a classic German Wheat beer and in my opinion, is the beer that should be used to judge all other German Wheat Style beers!  Some ridiculous bartenders serve this delicious beer with oranges  – yes, I just heard you gasp and I agree!  Paulaner Hefeweizen needs no fruit to enhance it’s banana and clove goodness – it’s rich all on it’s own.  My husband tells me that the spicy clove and banana flavors actually come from the type of yeast that’s used in its brewing.

While it’s so very tasty, I must warn you – it’s like bread in a glass:  very filling!  So – skip dinner and drink a few of these on the deck instead one summer night!  Cheers!


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