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Vinyl – Smooth and Classic, As it Should Be!

I’m not a big Lager fan, but there are some Amber Lagers that I enjoy.  After helping friends with a pony keg of Vinyl this weekend, I decided this is one of them.

Magic Hat makes a variety of great tasting brews, but the Vinyl should be on your Summer shopping list!  It’s super smooth, not too heavy, and has just the right amount of malt and hop flavor for a “semi-lawnmower” beer (I mean, even as delicious as they are, I can’t always drink Brown and Scottish Ales – especially in the heat!).  It was a hot one this weekend, and this Amber Lager really hit the spot.  Cheers!


Random Caps

I’m totally not a beer blogger that knows all the certain different nuances in certain types of beers, or knows exactly how a certain style of beer needs to taste to be true to style – but I do love to take pictures of caps.  My love for photography and my love for beer made me want to start taking pictures of caps – so I’m getting back to my roots tonight with a “no logo” type of picture.

This picture makes me think about all the beers that I enjoyed before I really knew what I was drinking – and before I really kept track.  I’m sure there are so many “nameless” beers I really enjoyed that I haven’t blogged about – that maybe aren’t even still brewed today.

So here’s a tribute to those beers – the nameless, the ones we enjoyed before we knew what real beer was all about!


Terrapin – Hopsecutioner IPA

With a name like “Hopsecutioner”  you can assume it’s going to be full of hops – actually six different types of hops, to be exact!  My husband enjoys this beer and loves the complexity of the hop flavor.  I can say it’s a good beer, however I’m not a lover of hop overload, like my husband.

I hear Terrapin makes some other really tasty brews that I’d like to try – like the Hop Karma Brown Ale – which should have lots of hop flavor, but also satisfy me need for maltiness; and a Belgian Style Scotch Ale, which says it was in limited release – I bet it’s delicious!



Ode to Homebrewers

I cannot be picky as I do not brew,

but this smell can only be described as “phew”!

I know you’re new at this and all that,

it does take a while to don a brewer’s “hat”.

Try, try and try again –

practice makes perfect, it’s not as easy as Gin.

Keep trying, don’t you dare give up,

one day locals will pay $5 for a cup!