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My SlyFox Beer is Planking!

Okay, okay – I know it’s cheesy, but with the whole “planking” craze, I really couldn’t resist posting a picture like this.

We had dinner with friends last night and they brought back some beer from NJ.  This SlyFox Phoenix Pale Ale is brewed in PA but isn’t distributed in VA.  It’s a shame we can’t get more of this delicious beer here, as it was yummy.  This Pale is very smooth – with a good balance of hops and malt.  I love that it was hoppy and floral, without killing my taste buds!  You can see that it has an awesome color – as well as it’s a CAN BREW!!  🙂

Hopefully SlyFox expands their distribution, as I’d love to try some of their other concoctions!

Cheers – and Happy Planking!  😉


Caldera – Another Great Canned Beer!


We frequent the pool a lot, and on Friday nights, we normally bring beer and hang out there.  Today, I was on a mission to find some great canned beers that I hadn’t tried.  At the local Total Wine, I found a pretty good selection of canned beer and I made my own little assorted six-pack.

The first beer out of the sixer was Caldera’s Pale Ale – and it’s totally a winner!  This pale is super light in color and crystal clear.  It’s full of aromatic hops that leave you with a crisp tingle on the tip of your tongue and finish off with a tad of bitterness.

I’ve said it lots, but I’m impressed with these craft breweries canning their beer.  It makes it so easy to take places where glass isn’t allowed.  At the top of the Caldera can, it even says “Go Cans!  Go Skiing!  Go Hiking!  Go Rafting!” – they’re a smart brewery!


Must Have Flip-Flops!

My Brother-in-law has the best Reef Flip-flops ever!  Yes, that is a bottle opener on the bottom of them.  How impressive is that??!!  Imagine being at your beach hotel and you’ve just purchased a great six pack of delicious brew… and… you have no opener!!  Never fear, put that bottle to the bottom of your Reef Flip-flops and pop that top – Flip-flop to the rescue!  Ingenious!  I totally need a pair of these!

Sammy’s Oktoberfest


On hot, sticky, disgustingly humid days like today, I long for Fall!  Oh how Fall weather and everything it brings (yummy beer) would be so nice right now.

I think I’ve probably posted about Samuel Adams Oktoberfest before, but I found this cap and it made me long for its malty goodness!  Yes, it’s too hot for Oktoberfest right now, but as soon as the end of August arrives, we start scouring the shelves for this orange box of goodness  If you haven’t had a Sam’s Oktoberfest, it can be described as malty, spicy and all around delicious; sort of an embodiment of Fall!

Oh, and don’t worry – that lemon is just for decoration and while I love it in water, would never tarnish a delicious beer with adding lemon.

Fall… hurry up!


Brew Free or Die!


I love the illustration on these cans – it’s awesome; I always knew Lincoln was a cool guy!

From 21st Amendment, here’s an IPA that totally packs a hoppy punch!  My husband really loves it, but he really enjoys lots and lots of hops – I, on the other hand, appreciate that it’s a clean, crisp, well brewed beer (a little maltier than the average IPA, and I do love malty) but it’s way too hoppy for me.  It’s smooth up front and packs a wallop of hops in the finish – which made my tongue a little tingly!  I think if I drank a whole one of these, I may not be able to taste anything else afterward!

The fact that they package this strong IPA in cans though, is too cool!  It’s been said plenty – but we need a bigger selection of cans out there for our summer trips to the pool and beach!

If you love IPAs, you really need to check out this one – plus, with this awesome packaging, how could you resist?


Pranqster – Gotta Love a Belgian Ale!


When my husband went out to the store today, I asked him to pick me up something good and he came back with this delicious brew!  If you enjoy a good Belgian, you must try this Pranqster by North Coast Brewing!   It is crystal clear and so bubbly!  From the floral nose to the amazingly smooth hops – I can tell this is going to be one of my new favorites!  Oh, and did I mention that it comes in a four pack – so you don’t have to drink a whole 750 ml bottle by yourself (but I did have three of these by myself, so eh).

On a side note, I went to the farmers’ market this morning and picked up this awesome veggies (one of the patty pans was actually grown in our own garden – by my amazing husband) and it made me think how wonderful it is to support your local farmers – as well as your local brewers!  It feels good, tastes good and hey, it’s good for you!

Enjoy your weekend and if you’re in VA – stay cool!  Cheers!

Great Lakes Brewing – Cleveland Does Rock


A special thanks to my friend Eric Evans for sending me this phenomenal Christmas Ale from his personal collection.  I was so excited to receive it today – that I put it right in the fridge to cool down.  This beer is so complex, with so many different delicious, spicy winter flavors – lots of ginger and cinnamon made me  feel like I should be getting ready for Christmas Dinner!  I have to warn you though, this beer is much better at a warmer temperature.  I started off drinking it way too cold, and couldn’t taste all of the amazing flavors  until the beer warmed some.

After having a taste of this delicious brew, I’m sad to know that it’s not distributed in VA.  😦   So, if you get Great Lakes Brewing Christmas Ale near you this holiday season, drink up and enjoy!

Thanks again to Eric – I wouldn’t have had the chance to taste this delicious beer or take a picture of its cap without your help!


Yuengling – My Canned Beer for the Pool!


I never thought I’d refer to Yuengling as my “staple beer” but this summer I’ve really loved their canned beer!  Sitting by the pool on a hot day, it is so refreshing and actually has good body and delicious flavor for a standard lager.  I enjoy it much more than and Bud or Miller, for sure!

So, while I’m a beer snob, this Yuengling certainly has it’s place…. in a cooler by the pool!

Beer for wings…


What is your favorite beer to have with delicious wings?  Mine first choice is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale… second choice is Legend Brown!  I think Pale Ales actually go better with the yummy medium sauce I love from BW3s.

Happy Friday!

Dominion Brewing – Hop Mountain

Okay, so I realize this isn’t a picture of hops, or a mountain – but I had to work with what I have!  😉

I’m surprised I haven’t had this beer before now – as Dominion makes some really good beers (and delicious root beer).

I thought this Pale Ale was well balanced, crisp and hoppy.  It was nice that it wasn’t too overly hopped (some people would say there isn’t such a thing, but I can only handle so much hop flavor before my tongue goes numb) and was still a very clean and refreshing brew.  I believe this Pale is in a variety summer pack from Dominion, on sale right now – so check it out!