Daily Archives: July 20, 2011

Great Lakes Brewing – Cleveland Does Rock


A special thanks to my friend Eric Evans for sending me this phenomenal Christmas Ale from his personal collection.  I was so excited to receive it today – that I put it right in the fridge to cool down.  This beer is so complex, with so many different delicious, spicy winter flavors – lots of ginger and cinnamon made me  feel like I should be getting ready for Christmas Dinner!  I have to warn you though, this beer is much better at a warmer temperature.  I started off drinking it way too cold, and couldn’t taste all of the amazing flavors  until the beer warmed some.

After having a taste of this delicious brew, I’m sad to know that it’s not distributed in VA.  😦   So, if you get Great Lakes Brewing Christmas Ale near you this holiday season, drink up and enjoy!

Thanks again to Eric – I wouldn’t have had the chance to taste this delicious beer or take a picture of its cap without your help!