Long Trail Centennial Red


Evidently here’s another beer you can’t get in VA (what’s up VA??).  A friend of ours picked up this beer when traveling to NJ and was kind enough to share.

Long Trail Brewing Company is in Vermont and prides itself on not only making great beer, but being environmentally conscious while doing so.  From feeding their spent grain to local dairy cows (which I bet those cows LOVE) to recovering kettle steam to use for heat – this company is serious about “EcoBrewing”.  I’m always impressed when a company goes out of their way to try to conserve, especially when it’s so easy to be wasteful and claim it’s “not our duty”.  You go Long Trail!!

So, they’ve got my vote for all of their environmental efforts and their beer is quite tasty as well!  This Centennial Red is part of their limited edition “Brewmaster Series” and the first beer I’ve ever tasted from this brewery.  It’s called a “Red”, but it’s so rich, sweet and malty – that it could easily be mistaken for a Barley Wine (which is totally okay with me – as I do love the Barley Wines).  I can totally taste the alcohol in this brew and did I mention the awesome maltiness?  Heaven!

There’s an Imperial Porter included in their “Brewmaster Series” which I must get my hands on.  Looks like I’ll be heading North sometime soon.



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