Full Moon – Full Flavor


I posted about Blue Moon Brewery’s White Ale not too long ago – and it was no secret that I didn’t like it.  In the very bottom of our beer refridgerator, was a lonely Blue Moon bottle.  Initially, I thought it was a nasty White Ale, left over from some get together, but the bottle said “Full Moon”.  Intrigued, I popped the cap and tried it.  This was a Winter Ale, one of my favorite styles, so it was rich with warm spices and savory malts.  There was a little bit of oxidation, but that was probably because it’s Summer, and obviously that beer had been in there forever!  I shouldn’t have been so quick to write off the Blue Moon Brewery, as this beer was pretty good; I stand by my statement that the White Ale sucks though.

When Winter arrives, I will give their new Winter a chance – at least one.



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3 responses to “Full Moon – Full Flavor

  • Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide

    Well, at least the picture is awesome.

  • Eric Evans

    Very creative photo. I love it. However, Blue Monn is a Coors product and After watching “Beer Wars” I made a conscience decision to never buy another beer from the big boys. Hoegaarden was aquired by Miller…Anheuser-Busch bought another great craft brewer in Chicago’s Goose Island. They will either kill it or ruin the quality.

    • randommanda

      Eric, I normally try to buy from craft breweries that aren’t owned by a big conglomerate. Blue Moon is certainly not my favorite – and I was disappointed that Hoegaarden (which I love) was purchased by Miller. I just hope the quality of the beer doesn’t change.

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