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Ichabod – delicious pumpkin!


New Holland Brewery had a Pumpkin Ale with a whimsical label (The Headless Horseman), so I had to try it.   This beer is called “Ichabod Ale” and it embodies all that is Fall!  The body is a little thin, but it has a spicy pumpkin pie flavor that makes up for it!  If you think “pumpkin pie beer” isn’t for you – don’t miss out by not giving this beer a shot, it has all of the crisp spiciness without tasting like real dessert!

When looking at this brewery’s website, I see they distill as well!  If you’re more into liquor, you may want to try their “Double Down Barley Whiskey” – and make sure to let me know how it tastes!



Campfire Beer – Literally!


Here Sam Adams goes again… making one of these craft brew styles that most mainstream beer breweries dare not try.  I swear, Sam, you’ve got balls – and I am constantly impressed with you.

I’m not a Rauchbier fan, and if you’ve ever had a Rauchbier, you’d probably agree that it’s easily described as “smokey”.    I took a sip of this, and it tasted like a beer that I sat beside a campfire, forgot about for like 4 hours, then found again and drank; again, not a fan.  It does have some great malt character, but it reminds me of that “liquid smoke” stuff that people add to their chilis and stews.  Now, even though I didn’t like the taste, the smell is awesome and reminds me of Fall!

Keep on keepin’ on, Sam Adams; even though you don’t always hit my palate right on, you make me proud!






The label of this bottle was CRAZY!  It had a bunch of sperm pictures coming towards a glass of beer.  At least that’s what I thought it was – here… you decide:



See!!  I bet you thought I was lying!  Crazy beer name with a crazy label, eh?  Well… on to the beer.    This brew is part of Smuttynose Brewery’s 2011 Big Beer Series.  The Homunculus is a Belgian Golden Ale.  Belgian beers are among my favorites, and this one had a nice malty flavor – but unlike traditional Belgian  Ales – it was pretty hoppy, so I was surprised by that bitter bite at the end!  At 9.9% ABV,  it made me feel all warm and toasty inside!

It’s totally a beer to pick up and try – and as a bonus, you get a cool bottle!  Also, be on the lookout for some of Smuttynose Brewery’s other delicious beers – Old Brown Dog (Brown Ale) and even Really Old Brown Dog (Stock Ale) are some of my favorites!  I just noticed that they have a Scotch Ale and a Maibock – those are now on my wishlist!  “Make mine a Smutty!”  Cheers!


Lovin’ Some Punkin


Ah Fall – that wonderful time of year again that brings cooler weather, changing leaves, the smell of roasted marshmallows around outdoor campfires – and Dogfish Head’s Punkin Ale!  I LOVE THIS BEER!  It’s no secret that I’m a huge Dogfish fan, and this Punkin is one of my favorite seasonal brews.  Tonight, I picked up a four pack and lavished myself with this spicy treat!  Rich with spices like pumpkin (yes, you probably guessed that), cinnamon, clove and nutmeg – the first sip will have you reveling in the joy of the Fall season!  My only complaint about this beer is that it doesn’t come in a sixer!  😦

Cheers and Happy Fall!!


For the Love of Cider!

I’ve tried my fair share of cider – and most of them, I really enjoy.  Ciders all have that apple flavor to them, but they are all very unique!

This Doc’s Draft was split between me and two ladies I adore – and we all loved it!  It’s not as bubbly and crisp as my all time favorite, Crispin Cider, but it was delicious in its own ways.  Boasting a very pure and strong apple taste, this cider hit my tongue making memories of childhood rush in – but I soon tasted the “grown up” alcohol flavors in the warming finish.  This apple concoction wasn’t very bubbly, which I normally prefer in a cider – but I actually enjoyed the flat smoothness of the swirling flavors; it was so easy to drink.

In the Fall, I love picking apples from the local orchard and making gallons of apple sauce.  Maybe this year, I can convince my husband to brew me a cider!

Old Crustacean Barleywine – Aged!


This bottle of Old Crustacean from Rogue Brewery has been in our beer fridge for a while.  It’s actually a 2008!  We took it to the beach with us recently to share with friends.  This thing had a mouth-feel almost like molasses; it was so thick!  Rich with age, this brew was sweet but the alcohol also permeated the tip of your tongue.  We really should have picked up a newer bottle to try along side this one, as I have a feeling that this beer was probably far superior to it’s little brother from this year.

I’m a sweet and malty fan, so I did enjoy this.  It was so rich though, I’m glad it was split between five people and I didn’t have a full pint glass as I wouldn’t have been able to finish it.  Goal for this winter:  pick up another Rogue Barleywine!


Wrath of Picant – Holy Bacon!



When I first tried this brew, all I could taste was malt and bacon!  Now, this beer isn’t brewed with bacon, but the smokiness along with the overly sweet brown sugar flavor certainly makes me think of it.  I do love some bacon, but I’d perfer to eat it, not drink it. Some other people that shared this beer enjoyed it, but the consensus was it was a little weird and overly smoky.  With this being said – The Wrath of Pecant is the probably one of the only beers brewed by Dogfish Head that I don’t care for; I actually adore most of them – Palo Santo, Red & White and their Brown Ale – just to name a few.

I applaud Dogfish for always trying something new and pushing the boundaries of craft brewing, but maybe they could go for a new chocolate beer next time.



Am I “Wacko” because I’m not really crazy about Magic Hat?


Sorry I’ve been on hiatus for the last week or so; first a hurricane and then a beach trip – but I’m back with lots of caps!  Before our beach trip, we picked up a seasonal mixed pack of Magic Hat.  I thought I liked their beer, but after drinking each one of these styles in the mixed pack, I’m really not a fan.  The “Wacko” is a light beer with added beet juice “for color” (as they note).  While I give them props for trying something cool and unique, all I could smell was beet juice – not a fan of beet beer.

Next I had their “Blind Faith” – while it wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t anything special either.  It’s an IPA, and while it had a lot of hop flavor, I thought it was thin and lacked any other richness.  I’d much prefer a Sierra Nevada.

Let’s move on to the “Single Chair”.  It was a light Golden Ale with a little bit of wheat flavor, but again, nothing special.  I didn’t care to waste my 150+ calories on that one.

The finale in this seasonal pack was the “Number 9”, which is the only one that I drank in its entirety.  It had a tad of hop flavor and actually a little body.  It probably wouldn’t be my first choice when picking out beers, but drinkable it was.

Magic Hat has some of the best artistic bottle labels and wittiest beer caps of almost any other craft brewery, so it’s sad that the beer isn’t as extraordinary.

On a final (happy) note, I do really like Magic Hat’s “Lucky Kat”.  It’s a perfectly hopped, deliciously flavorful beer – and even though I have a pet peeve about products that are purposefully misspelled  – I still enjoy this brew.

Don’t take my word for it… try all the beers for yourself, who knows, you may love them!