For the Love of Cider!

I’ve tried my fair share of cider – and most of them, I really enjoy.  Ciders all have that apple flavor to them, but they are all very unique!

This Doc’s Draft was split between me and two ladies I adore – and we all loved it!  It’s not as bubbly and crisp as my all time favorite, Crispin Cider, but it was delicious in its own ways.  Boasting a very pure and strong apple taste, this cider hit my tongue making memories of childhood rush in – but I soon tasted the “grown up” alcohol flavors in the warming finish.  This apple concoction wasn’t very bubbly, which I normally prefer in a cider – but I actually enjoyed the flat smoothness of the swirling flavors; it was so easy to drink.

In the Fall, I love picking apples from the local orchard and making gallons of apple sauce.  Maybe this year, I can convince my husband to brew me a cider!


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