Daily Archives: September 19, 2011

Campfire Beer – Literally!


Here Sam Adams goes again… making one of these craft brew styles that most mainstream beer breweries dare not try.  I swear, Sam, you’ve got balls – and I am constantly impressed with you.

I’m not a Rauchbier fan, and if you’ve ever had a Rauchbier, you’d probably agree that it’s easily described as “smokey”.    I took a sip of this, and it tasted like a beer that I sat beside a campfire, forgot about for like 4 hours, then found again and drank; again, not a fan.  It does have some great malt character, but it reminds me of that “liquid smoke” stuff that people add to their chilis and stews.  Now, even though I didn’t like the taste, the smell is awesome and reminds me of Fall!

Keep on keepin’ on, Sam Adams; even though you don’t always hit my palate right on, you make me proud!