Daily Archives: November 28, 2011

Spreading some “Holiday Cheer”


Yes, I know – Thanksgiving just ended and I’m already making posts with pink Christmas Trees – I couldn’t resist though!

I recently found this “Holiday Cheer” brew from Shiner Brewery, based in Shiner Texas (can I get a Yee-Haw?) and the packaging drew me in.  It wasn’t anything too fancy – but with the words “Holiday Cheer” and cute snowflakes all over, how could you not give it a try?  I also read that it was a Dunkelweizen (dark wheat) with hints of peaches and nut… intriguing!

Upon first swig, I immediately tasted some caramel malts and a little nutty flavors and in the finish there was certainly a fruity peach flavor.  While this wasn’t your typical Dunkelweizen, as they normally have a banana essence, it really wasn’t bad.  There is a little bitter-nut flavor toward the end, but nothing that would deter me from having another.

So – break out some “Holiday Cheer” and invite over your friends!  Cheers!