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Vinyl – Smooth and Classic, As it Should Be!

I’m not a big Lager fan, but there are some Amber Lagers that I enjoy.  After helping friends with a pony keg of Vinyl this weekend, I decided this is one of them.

Magic Hat makes a variety of great tasting brews, but the Vinyl should be on your Summer shopping list!  It’s super smooth, not too heavy, and has just the right amount of malt and hop flavor for a “semi-lawnmower” beer (I mean, even as delicious as they are, I can’t always drink Brown and Scottish Ales – especially in the heat!).  It was a hot one this weekend, and this Amber Lager really hit the spot.  Cheers!


Festie – An Average Amber

When out and about today, at my local grocer, I saw a six pack from Star Hill Brewery that I hadn’t tried – The Festie.  I was eager to taste it, especially since they mention on their website that it’s similar to an Oktoberfest (and you probably know by now that I do love the Oktoberfest).

While I think the flavor comes off slightly malty and tastes like a decent Amber Lager – it was sort of anti-climatic.  It tasted slightly under carbonated, and it didn’t have a strong malty finish like I was hoping for.  I certainly wouldn’t liken it to an Oktoberfest – sheesh, as if!

All in all, it’s not a bad beer by any means, I think they just overshot by mentioning that it was “a tribute to the great German Lager…”, as I believe it fell a little flat.  It’s kinda like when Madonna sang “American Pie”… you get the picture!

Modelo – Especial? Eh…

Negra Modelo is a dark lager that I gusta mucho!  Having such high regard for Negra, I guess I expected more from it’s little sister, Modelo Especial.  The Especial is a very clean, crisp and light lager – but it’s so thin, it’s barely worth drinking in my opinion.  Maybe I’ve been spoiled by the sharp Pilsners and dark, rich Brown Ales so much that I really don’t have a taste for the average lager anymore.  I can say that it doesn’t have the horrible corn aftertaste of Miller and Budweiser – so that gives it an advantage, and it’s nice that they do offer this lager in a can for versatility.

When craving a beer, I’d prefer the Negra Modelo over the not so “Especial”.

The Gold Cap for a Gold Standard

The gold foiled cap on top of the Negro Modelo is so appropriate – almost like a little gold medal for this fabulous lager.  It’s so delicious with Mexican food – not to heavy, but still flavorful (unlike a certain “Mexican” beer that starts with a C and ends with “rona”).  It’s a nice, slightly darker lager that stands up to bolder foods and is also good on its own on a hot summer’s day!   Our local grocery store had the twelve packs on sale for $11 recently and I felt like we’d won the lottery!  And, did I mention it’s so much better than that “C” beer?  😉

Once I decided to use this as tonight’s cap, I suddenly started craving salsa (so was born my tomato and garlic picture)!  I think it’s Pavlovian, as I normally order Negro on tap at our local Mexican place.  Yum… Negro and salsa!

Dos Equis Por Favor!


If there’s one beer I must have when I eat Mexican food, it’s a Dos Equis!  I don’t care for their lighter lager, but I love the Amber; it’s smooth, malty, and tastes darn good with a burrito!

There’s a local Mexican place by us which serves up awesome food, and we always get a pitcher of Dos Equis to go with it!   If you normally have a Corona with your rice & beans, make the switch to this cerveza – it just plain tastes better!