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Samuel Adams – A Season for Saison

Saison is a beer style I enjoy, as long as it’s not too funkified – if you know what I mean!  Sam Adams continues to impress me with how they take strong beer styles and make them “user friendly”, introducing newer beer drinkers to different types of beer they might not normally try.

Their Rustic Saison Summer Beer is very true to the Belgian Style Saison, although has slightly more citrus taste and is less musty tasting.  There are some spicy notes, but overall the beer is pretty light with a Belgian twang finish.  It’s a perfect summer “kick back” beer, and totally hit the spot for me yesterday, as it was over 100 degrees!  Cheers – and stay hydrated!

Stillwater Dark Saison


My husband picked up some Belgian beers to share this weekend.  This particular beer is the Stillwater Artisanal.  My friend Monica describes it as, “perfectly balanced!”.  It has a rich, dark chocolate flavor up front, and a spiced caramel finish – without being sweet.

It’s an 11.2oz bottle, but plenty rich to share with friends!  Cheers!

A Trip to try!

A really good Belgian Style Tripel is worth its weight in gold!  One of my favorite American brewed (but Belgian Style) Tripel is the Golden Monkey, by Dogfish – but coming in a close second is Allagash Brewery’s Tripel.  It’s so crisp and delicious with notes of banana and honey; if they weren’t 9%, I could drink them all day!  When you drink a Belgian Style Tripel – make sure to drink it in the correct glass, as the fancy glass really does make a difference in the taste!

If you fine you like this style of beer, you may want to venture on the the Belgian brewed Tripels… which I’d recommend a Tripel Karmeliet… but that’s a cap picture and post for another day!  Cheers!

A Little Lambic for my Friends…

Tonight I hung out with the girls!  I love the girls, although they aren’t big beer drinkers, they’re still awesome people.  😉   They do love the Lambic Style Beer though and especially enjoy the Lindemans!  Tonight they were having the Frambois which is a raspberry flavored beer.  Lambics are typically fermented using wild yeasts, which give them a sour after taste.

I had some Lambic on tap a few years ago and didn’t really care for the sour taste – but the Lindemans Frambois is really good.  It’s very syrupy at first, but mellowed by the tart finish.

My husband always says “There’s a beer for everyone!”, so if you don’t typically like beer – give this one a try – you might be surprised!

Blue Moon – Ugh!

I went through this Belgian White stage years ago… if there was a Belgian Wheat beer around, I’d drink it (hold all the crappy fruit though, please).  When I saw that this new brewery (or at least one I hadn’t heard of) called Blue Moon was now making a Belgian White Ale that you could buy at any grocery store, I was floored – I must have!  Once the six-pack was mine, I had a big ‘ole gulp of this new ale.  I swear, I almost spit it out… I know that sounds harsh – but it tasted like soapy water to me.  Belgian Whites are supposed to have a coriander and orange peel taste – and this one was way off base, tasting more like lemon Dawn detergent.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting this new beer to taste as stellar as my beloved Hoegaarden, but I really found it not to be drinkable.

Despite not having my patronage, Blue Moon has raged on – so I guess some people out there like it.  If you enjoy Blue Moon Belgian White, pick up a real Belgian White like Hoegaarden, and you’ll see why I was so confused with where they were going.

Dogfish – Again, but Different!

Yes, I know, I’ve posted a Dogfish Head Brewery Cap before – but, this is from a different beer!  We have many caps, but some of them are from the same breweries… what can we say – when a brewery has one good beer, they normally have several that follow!

The last time I posted a Dogfish Head cap, I talked about the Palo Santo Marron <swoon>, but with this cap I will talk about another favorite of mine – the Raison D’Etre.  The Raison D’Etre is a rich Brown Ale that is actually brewed with raisins and beet sugar.  You can totally taste the raisin flavors, which meld well inside a brown ale.  This particular brown is also brewed with a Belgian style yeast (can you say “yum”?) which gives it a unique flavor and bubbly head.

Dogfish is one of my favorite breweries, brewing so many different styles of beer that are all complex and tasty.  Don’t be surprised if you see another cap from them in my blog soon!  Cheers!

Ovila – A Successful Collaboration

So, Sierra Nevada Brewery makes another successful beer and it’s sooo delicious!  The Ovila Dubbel is a collaboration beer between Sierra Nevada and the monks at the Abbey of New Clairvaux.  My husband popped open a bottle of this tonight to share with my brother and sister-in-law and we all had a different opinion of what we tasted.    I said anise, but other comments were apple, fruit, nuts, liquor and a comparison to a regular brown ale.  One thing we did agree on is it has a rich, smooth taste and we’d have it again!  Cheers!

Leffe – The Brown you can’t buy in the U.S.!

When my husband and I first started dating, he raved about this beer that he had while backpacking through Europe.  In a small, very old brewery in Brugge, he stubbled upon Leffe Brown.  It was one of the most delicious beers he had tasted and actually started his quest for “good beers” – straying away from your run of the mill, random domestics.

We searched for this beer from state to state but, much to our despair, were told that they only sold the Leffe Blonde in the United States and that the Brown was not imported here.    I so wanted to try this beer my husband raved about, and he longed to have a taste again of what turned him on to craft brewing.

Fast forward a couple of years, to when we honeymooned on the Island of St. Maarten.  What a beautiful island filled with lots of different tastes and cultures!  One evening we stumbled upon a small German restaurant (yes, a German restaurant on a warm vacation island), but we love German food and German beer – so it was certainly a find!  Inside, the small bar/eatery boasted a number of delicious beers, one being the long sought after Leffe Brown.  We drank the four beers the kind owner had on hand, and she even ordered us another four to pick up a couple of days later.  It’s rich, chocolaty malt and has that distinctive Belgium beer taste.  It’s been a while since I’ve had it, but I can remember that it was wonderful.

So, I bet you’re wondering where this particular cap (or bottle) came from, eh?  Our friend was recently in Europe, knew our story about this legendary beer, found it and brought us one back. What can we say, we have great friends!  So, the reason the cap is still attached??  We haven’t opened it yet; we’re waiting for a special evening to share it together – maybe even a wedding anniversary?



After VCU’s win tonight, which secures a place for them in the final four (woo hoo), I thought it was appropriate to use a Victory Brewing cap!


Victory has lots of tasty brews, but there is one that I enjoy oh so much – The Golden Monkey!  This Belgian Style Tripel is very crisp, clean and so yummy.  Don’t let it’s crisp, light mouth feel fool you though – this tasty brew packs a wallop at 9.5% ABV.  Make sure if you have one of these awesome Golden Monkeys, that you get it served in the correct glass, as it certainly deserves to be treated like the fancy beer it is.

Cheers – and congratulations to VCU in Richmond, VA for their win this evening!