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Cottonwood – mediocre?

Well… Cottonwood Ales… I found this cap in our collection, and I do remember having their “Low Down Brown” – but honestly it wasn’t that memorable.  I don’t remember it being bad or anything… but I think I only purchased it once, which means it wasn’t stellar.  My husband does enjoy their Endo IPA though, and I think he has actually purchased it more than once (which is a positive spin for this brewery).

On their website, it states that their Pumpkin Ale has won awards… being a Pumpkin Beer lover, I must try this and post my own opinion!!  So, you will be seeing another post for Cottonwood Ales in the Fall.  Until then.. I may pickup one of those “Low Down Browns” again and give it a second taste.


Drink it, Stoopid’!


Lagunitas Brewing has some pretty good beers with equally cool names.  I love it when a brewery takes the time (and has the sense of humor) to name their beers something fun!

I’m mostly a Brown Ale girl, so one of my favorites from this brewery is “Brown Shugga'”.   Guess what its not so secret ingredient is?  You’re a genius… brown sugar!  It’s delicious, rich and malty, but I remember feeling a little loopy after just one – 9.9% can do that to you!

Another beer by Lagunitas that I’ve tried is the “Hop Stoopid”.  I LOVE the name, although the beer is just a little too hoppy for my taste.  My husband will put dry hops on anything , so it’s right up his alley – and he does enjoy it!

I wonder if they’d let me name one of their beers…. how about “Season’s Brew” for their Winter Ale?  Eh… I’m not good at the naming, but I do enjoy the tasting!  Cheers!

Share a Saranac – So Many to Choose From!

The first Saranac beer that I tried was their Black & Tan –  I was on a “real” black & tan kick so I thought I’d give it a try… pretty impressive.  It’s awesome that a brewery has a bunch of different styles of beers that are all pretty good.  From their Pale Ale to the Black Forest and Brown Ale – I can’t complain about any of them… and their seasonals, like the Belgian Ale and Vanilla Porter are stellar!   Just recently I learned that they even make non-alcoholic sodas:  Root Beer, Black Cherry and even Orange Cream – yum!

If you haven’t tried a Saranac, pick up their mixed pack – there’s something for every taste bud!

Avery Brewing – Nutty but Sentimental

This cap comes to us from Avery Brewing – an Ellie’s Brown Ale, to be exact.  Reading the brewery’s website, this beer was named after the owner’s late Chocolate Lab, Ellie, as she had lots of character.  Ellie’s Brown Ale has lots of character as well – with hints of chocolate and a bold nuttiness – without being overly spiced or too sweet, it totally meets my approval of what a good brown ale should be!

I have to say, I really love a brewery that has meaning behind the names they give their beers.  Good brewers with sentimentality – sounds like the perfect recipe for a successful brewery!  Cheers Avery!

No Sleep ‘Till…. Brooklyn!

Brooklyn Brewery makes one of my favorite brown ales (only second to Legend Brewing from Richmond, Va – of course).  The Brooklyn Brown is a little chocolaty without being overly sweet.  It’s a good staple to have in your beer fridge, especially if you’re a fellow brown ale lover!  This particular brewery does make some other beers I like; they have a great Oktoberfest and a yummy Black Chocolate Stout.

I have to say, even though I love Pale Ales, theirs isn’t my favorite.  I think it may be their use of Willamette Hops, which are a little too “grapefruitty” for my taste.

Give Brooklyn Brewery a try though, they have a great variety!

A Fish Among Playthings

Today, when playing with my daughter and her toys,  I found a great opportunity to slip in a cap.  Among the bunnies, flowers and Squinkies is a cap from one of my favorite beer brewers – Dogfish Head.  I’m not sure exactly which delicious type of beer this specific cap came from, but if I had to use my imagination – I’d guess Palo Santo Marron (since it just happens to be one of my favorite Brown Ales).  Finely crafted and aged in a Palo Santo wood barrel, it’s a rich, malty and complex.  If you haven’t tried one, go get one today!