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Sam – you’ve done it again!

Of course I mean Jim… but you get the gist!
This year’s Winter Sampler Pack from Sam Adams is a pleasant surprise! Not only have they kept the delicious Old Fizziwig, they got rid of that Cranberry Lambic. You know that Lambic… the one that no one ever drinks – and it sits in your fridge for a least a year until you can pawn it off on some unsuspecting house guest.

The new and improved mixed 12-pack has a lot of scrumptious flavors and unlike most mixed seasonal packs, I love them all!

One in particular that I’d like to mention, is the new Holiday Porter. It’s dark and rich with lots of roasted malt and hints of caramel. It’s not overly spiced with extra cinnamon or anything, so you can enjoy the true malty Porter flavor.

I’m planning to drink lots more out of this 12 pack, so I’ll be posting reviews on the Black & Brew (Coffee Stout – yum) and the Old Fizziwig soon!

Cheers and Happy Weekend!


Stillwater Dark Saison


My husband picked up some Belgian beers to share this weekend.  This particular beer is the Stillwater Artisanal.  My friend Monica describes it as, “perfectly balanced!”.  It has a rich, dark chocolate flavor up front, and a spiced caramel finish – without being sweet.

It’s an 11.2oz bottle, but plenty rich to share with friends!  Cheers!

Fat Tire – Traveling

My Brother-in-law took cross country trips on his motorcycle and always brought us home some beer that we couldn’t buy in VA.   A few years ago, he brought us some beer from New Belgium Brewing with a bicycle on the front.  Cool cap too, right?

My husband tasted Fat Tire before and loved it, but it was my first time trying this delicious brew.  Maltiness and hopiness swirl in perfect symmetry throughout this Amber Ale.  Caramel in color and with some nutty (for you Joel T.) undertones, it really is a great beer.  Imagine my surprise when they started selling it in our area (well not VA, but we did find it in NC) not to long ago – “SCORE”!

So, now that you don’t have to take a cross-country trip to get this brew – go pick it up!  I’ve heard rumors that they’re planning to distribute in Virginia soon to, so be on the lookout!