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Fullers ESB should stand for “Extra Special Beer”

Okay, okay – before you call me on it – yes, I realize I’ve already used one of these ESB caps before.  I didn’t actually realize that until after I’d taken the picture and settled in for the evening though, so I’m totally using it – don’t shoot me!  😉

You can check out my other post about Fullers ESB if you want – it’s a fabulous beer.  England certainly has special water that puts a tell-tale taste in its beers; it’s a taste that I love!  “ESB” actually stands for “Extra Special Bitter”, and this beer does have a little bitterness at the end, but it’s maltiness is what really draws me in.  If you haven’t tried Fullers ESB or their London Pride, you should.  Both of those beers are well brewed and tasty!

Long Weekend of Great Beer

I hope everyone had a wonderful, long weekend filled with great people and delicious brew!  This weekend, we found a sampler pack in which we actually liked EVERY beer!  That is hard to come by!  Red Hook has a fabulous sampler that features their ESB, IPA, Copper Hook and Pilsner.  Normally there is always at least one beer style in the 12-packs that I don’t care for – but all of these were yummy!  If I had to pick my favorite, it would be the Copper Hook – mainly due to it’s maltiness.  My second favorite was the Pilsner (which is weird because it’s the opposite of the Copper Hook) but it is such a clean, crisp Pilsner, that it’s perfect on a hot day.

I also love the new bottle shapes they have – sort of like the “Red Stripe” bottles.  It’s enjoyable too, to pop each cap and read a new little message under each.  Seeing things like “Cheers to 12oz. curls” or pictures of bananas, just makes you smile!

If you’re looking for a sampler to please everyone, pick this one up.

Legend Brewing – ESB

Yes, I know that I post a lot about Legend Brewing, but they’re local – I can’t help it!  Today, sitting on the deck, my husband ordered their ESB.  I have to say there was nothing “Extra Special” about it.  The brew actually tasted a bit funky – and when we asked the waitress about it, she replaced it with a Golden Ale (my husband’s hoppy favorite).  Come to find out, we were served the bottom of the keg, so I guess it was pretty slushy.  Maybe we’ll try the ESB again, but that funky taste sure won’t be soon forgotten.

I, on the other hand, had my staple Legend Brown Ale – which I adore.  It was delicious as always.  I guess there is something to be said for leaning on the old favorite.

Hopefully everyone else had an equally gorgeous day as we did here in Richmond!  Cheers!

Fullers… English for Beer

English Beer… it makes me think of Fish and Chips and a good ‘ole pub with a Billard and Shuffle board table.  There’s a local English Pub in Richmond that serves Fullers ESB on tap and it’s so delicious.  ESB is really a combination of my favorite beer characters rolled into one; malty with a rich mouth feel and a bitter finish… ahhh… I really should visit Jolly Old England!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but English beers are hard to “clone” because water in England had different mineral and such than ours.  I still think that one of the reasons that New Castle is one of my favorite brown beers is because of the unique taste it has due to the water.

This “ESB” from Fullers… which stands for “Extra Special Bitter” is certainly special – so give it a try!  Cherrio!