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Kennebunkport IPA – A Trader Joe’s Find

Whenever we visit Trader Joe’s, we look in their beer/wine section, as they’re always sure to have something new, special and affordable!  We found this Kennebunkport IPA – around $6 for a six-pack – pretty cheap for a decent IPA.  Evidently this beer is brewed by Federal Jack’s Brew Pub in Kennebunk, MA.

Over all, the flavor was really good, crisp – like an IPA should be and wasn’t overly hoppy or grapefuity.  I wouldn’t say it was my favorite IPA, but it was pretty good (especially for the value).

Make sure to try out some of those cheaper beers at Trader Joe’s as you may be surprised!

Going Rogue

Okay, so I realize this isn’t a “real” Rogue beer cap… but use your imagination.  I thought for SURE I had a Rogue cap in my collection, so I had a Rogue beer on tap this afternoon to blog about.  When I got home, I was astonished to find there was no Rogue cap in my collection… what??  Anyway… like I said earlier, use your imagination!

On tap at The Capital Ale House in Midlothian, VA, I tried the Rogue “Brutal Bitter”.  I believe it was their IPA, but it was crazier than most IPAs I’ve tasted.  If you like a glass of grapefruit, order this.  I’m all for a little bitter – but I don’t want to make that crazy “puckering face” after I have a beer.  Personally, I didn’t care for it – and thought that the name “Brutal Bitter” was appropriate, as the bitterness was certainly brutal.

This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy Rogue beers… I happen to know for a fact that the Dead Guy Ale is delicious.  That reminds me, I should have one of those again soon… besides, I need a Rogue cap for my collection.  Cheers!

Long Hammer – just doesn’t do much for me.

While I’m mostly a malt girl, I do enjoy a pale ale here and there – but this IPA leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  The hop taste is just overwhelming and way to bitter for my liking.  They use Willimette and Cascade Hops in this IPA, and I can only assume that I don’t like the Willimette Hop flavor, as I love Cascade (one of my favorite pales, Sierra Nevada, uses Cascade Hops).

On a nicer note, I have loved Redhook Brewery for years.  If, like me, you end up not liking this Long Hammer, here are some of my favorites from the brewery that are sure to tickle your tastebuds:  ESB, Winterhook and Late Harvest Ale.   Some of my friends think this is a tried and true IPA and they actually choose it when picking up a six-pack, so please don’t rule it out if you like the those extra hops.

Drink it, Stoopid’!


Lagunitas Brewing has some pretty good beers with equally cool names.  I love it when a brewery takes the time (and has the sense of humor) to name their beers something fun!

I’m mostly a Brown Ale girl, so one of my favorites from this brewery is “Brown Shugga'”.   Guess what its not so secret ingredient is?  You’re a genius… brown sugar!  It’s delicious, rich and malty, but I remember feeling a little loopy after just one – 9.9% can do that to you!

Another beer by Lagunitas that I’ve tried is the “Hop Stoopid”.  I LOVE the name, although the beer is just a little too hoppy for my taste.  My husband will put dry hops on anything , so it’s right up his alley – and he does enjoy it!

I wonder if they’d let me name one of their beers…. how about “Season’s Brew” for their Winter Ale?  Eh… I’m not good at the naming, but I do enjoy the tasting!  Cheers!

Oh, Oh, Oh It’s Magic, you know…

Today’s cap is from Magic Hat Brewing Company.  I’m assuming this particular cap was from a #9, because we had a lot of those left over recently (since I don’t really care for that brew).  The #9 isn’t horrible, but it boasts an “apricot flavor” that isn’t my favorite.  Okay, okay – don’t get upset with me if you love Magic Hat… I mean, they do make a couple of beers that I think are pretty good.  The Lucky Kat  is a wonderful IPA (which they say stands for Irresistible Pale Ale), that I enjoy a lot.

One of the things that I really enjoy about this brewery though, it’s their artistry.  From the illustration of their labels to the fun messages on the inside of their caps, you can tell these people have a good time with their jobs.

So, hat’s off to you – Magic Hat… you may not win me over with your “#9 not quite pale ale”, but lots of people love it.