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Cottonwood – mediocre?

Well… Cottonwood Ales… I found this cap in our collection, and I do remember having their “Low Down Brown” – but honestly it wasn’t that memorable.  I don’t remember it being bad or anything… but I think I only purchased it once, which means it wasn’t stellar.  My husband does enjoy their Endo IPA though, and I think he has actually purchased it more than once (which is a positive spin for this brewery).

On their website, it states that their Pumpkin Ale has won awards… being a Pumpkin Beer lover, I must try this and post my own opinion!!  So, you will be seeing another post for Cottonwood Ales in the Fall.  Until then.. I may pickup one of those “Low Down Browns” again and give it a second taste.



No Sleep ‘Till…. Brooklyn!

Brooklyn Brewery makes one of my favorite brown ales (only second to Legend Brewing from Richmond, Va – of course).  The Brooklyn Brown is a little chocolaty without being overly sweet.  It’s a good staple to have in your beer fridge, especially if you’re a fellow brown ale lover!  This particular brewery does make some other beers I like; they have a great Oktoberfest and a yummy Black Chocolate Stout.

I have to say, even though I love Pale Ales, theirs isn’t my favorite.  I think it may be their use of Willamette Hops, which are a little too “grapefruitty” for my taste.

Give Brooklyn Brewery a try though, they have a great variety!