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Guinness – The “Original” Stout

I went out with a group of people last night and one of the guys ordered a Guinness.  We were at a great beer bar with tons of options on tap, so I just asked him if he’d tried any other stouts.  He was rather offended with my suggestion and let me know that Guinness is his all time favorite beer, even though he’s tried many.  Really??  His favorite??  Surely this can’t be true!

It’s been so long since I’ve tried a Guinness, that I decided to have one myself.  I’d forgotten how delicious it really is!  It’s bitter and roasty with a creamy head, but not to overly filling – a really good stout!  They got it right when they created this beer, so if you’re holding out for St. Patty’s Day to have one – break free to enjoy one sooner.  Oh, and a 12-ounce bottle comes in at 126 calories – so if you’re looking to maintain that “girlish figure”, it’s a smart choice!



Harpoon – Island Creek Oyster Stout



I have to admit, I wasn’t actually thinking this beer would be any good – especially since I’m not a big oyster fan.  It was super smoky and had a very rich, roasty flavor at the end – but I didn’t get the fishy flavor I was expecting.   I do love that it was rich, but I’m really not into the extreme roasty flavor that this beer was full of.  For a couple of sips, I could handle it – but I’m not sure I could drink a whole glass.  I do know some other people that loved it, however!

While it’s apparently brewed with oysters, I didn’t get all of that oyster flavor I was expecting – which in my case, isn’t a bad thing!

It’s worth a try though – especially if you’re into dark roasts!


No Sleep ‘Till…. Brooklyn!

Brooklyn Brewery makes one of my favorite brown ales (only second to Legend Brewing from Richmond, Va – of course).  The Brooklyn Brown is a little chocolaty without being overly sweet.  It’s a good staple to have in your beer fridge, especially if you’re a fellow brown ale lover!  This particular brewery does make some other beers I like; they have a great Oktoberfest and a yummy Black Chocolate Stout.

I have to say, even though I love Pale Ales, theirs isn’t my favorite.  I think it may be their use of Willamette Hops, which are a little too “grapefruitty” for my taste.

Give Brooklyn Brewery a try though, they have a great variety!