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This weekend we celebrated Oktoberfest at The Capital Ale House in Richmond. They closed off some streets downtown in front of the restaurant, got some great beer trucks, and had a party. We have attended The Capital Ale House’s Oktoberfest Events for the past 9 years, and this was probably the best organized yet. Having delicious Paulaner and Spaten on tap – as well as Yager and Goldschlager shots, made for a day of celebration!

The pretty lady in this picture is a dear friend of our family. With both Irish and German heritage, she knows good food and good beer! She also embodies what these celebrations are all about – having fun!

If you’re looking for a good Oktoberfest style beer, which it’s the perfect time for right now, try Paulaner – as it’s the original!


Give Me ” The Hairy Eyeball”


After reading a review from the infamous “G-Lo” over on  I had to order this “Hairy Eyeball” beer on tap at my local beer bar, The Capital Ale House, this past weekend.

Boasting such characteristics as being rich and malty and having a roasty finish, I have to say – it was very enjoyable!  This Lagunitas brew is a big beer (classified an American Strong Ale) with 9% ABV and may not be the best beer to drink on the beach this summer, but if you’re chillin’ inside in the AC, and want a taste of those Winter type beers – pick this up.  I’m going to stock up in the Fall!


Clipper City – Holy Sheet


Hanging at The Capital Ale House in Midlothian, VA this evening, I ordered a Heavy Seas Belgian Dubbel.  I admit, I really liked the name “Holy Sheet” and seeing it was a Dubbel, I had to give it a try! 

I am actually very surprised at what a great beer this is.  It has a raisin taste up front and a malty finish… combined with a lot of alcohol, this beer is delicious!

Having had many Clipper City beers, they are a solid brewery with lots of great brews!  Give ‘um a try!

Twisted is right!


I had a great night out with my friend V., drinking at the Midlothian Capital Ale House!  A shout out to our bartenders who were wonderful!  I normally drink the beers on tap, but opted for a bottle, since I wanted a cap for my blog tonight.  I had the “Twisted Kilt” Scottish from Thirsty Dog.  I have to say, the beer was all wrong.  I’m not sure if it was oxidized, but I’m pretty sure a Scottish style ale shouldn’t taste like lemons.  I’m willing to give Thirsty Dog another try, because my husband swears they are an awesome brewery.  I’ll chalk it up to an old oxidized bottle… which can happen to anyone!  I’m looking forward to a good Scottish, Thirsty Dog.  Not to mention, it took a lot from my sweet dog, Chewy, to pose for this picture!