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Champagne of Beers


No, this isn’t “real” champagne, but in my opinion is a “champagne of beers”.

Golden Monkey, by Victory Brewing, was one of my first favorite Belgian style Tripels and still remains one of my favorite, many years later!  Not only is it clean and crisp – it really has a lot of body and flavor.  I love the taste that Belgian Yeast gives the beer, almost a slight funkiness – but in a good way!  The hops are perfectly balanced, not over powering the delicateness of this bubble concoction.  A special thanks to my lovely friend, Amy, for this specific bottle.  It was an early Birthday gift that I’m going to enjoy on my Birthday!  I have the best friends!

If you reach for a Golden Monkey, or any Tripel for that matter, make sure to drink it out of the proper glass; it really does matter!


Straffe to My Heart…


This Bruges Brewery makes beer that goes right to the heart of my love for beer.  Belgian Style Beers were my first step into the “real beer” world, and oh how I still enjoy them.  How could I not – the craftmanship, the bubbles – oh yeah, and the fact that most of the breweries have used the same recipe for hundreds of years.


Straffe Hendrik makes a beautiful Belgian Tripel that can outdo almost any Tripel I’ve had the honor of tasting.  Yes, it really is that good.  Subtle at first, but full of rock candy clarity – this beer is something you should try – especially if you love a good Tripel, Belgian style!


A Trip to try!

A really good Belgian Style Tripel is worth its weight in gold!  One of my favorite American brewed (but Belgian Style) Tripel is the Golden Monkey, by Dogfish – but coming in a close second is Allagash Brewery’s Tripel.  It’s so crisp and delicious with notes of banana and honey; if they weren’t 9%, I could drink them all day!  When you drink a Belgian Style Tripel – make sure to drink it in the correct glass, as the fancy glass really does make a difference in the taste!

If you fine you like this style of beer, you may want to venture on the the Belgian brewed Tripels… which I’d recommend a Tripel Karmeliet… but that’s a cap picture and post for another day!  Cheers!