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Spreading some “Holiday Cheer”


Yes, I know – Thanksgiving just ended and I’m already making posts with pink Christmas Trees – I couldn’t resist though!

I recently found this “Holiday Cheer” brew from Shiner Brewery, based in Shiner Texas (can I get a Yee-Haw?) and the packaging drew me in.  It wasn’t anything too fancy – but with the words “Holiday Cheer” and cute snowflakes all over, how could you not give it a try?  I also read that it was a Dunkelweizen (dark wheat) with hints of peaches and nut… intriguing!

Upon first swig, I immediately tasted some caramel malts and a little nutty flavors and in the finish there was certainly a fruity peach flavor.  While this wasn’t your typical Dunkelweizen, as they normally have a banana essence, it really wasn’t bad.  There is a little bitter-nut flavor toward the end, but nothing that would deter me from having another.

So – break out some “Holiday Cheer” and invite over your friends!  Cheers!


The Queen of all Hefeweizens

It’s that season again – so bring out the wheat beers!  Paulaner Hefeweizen is a classic German Wheat beer and in my opinion, is the beer that should be used to judge all other German Wheat Style beers!  Some ridiculous bartenders serve this delicious beer with oranges  – yes, I just heard you gasp and I agree!  Paulaner Hefeweizen needs no fruit to enhance it’s banana and clove goodness – it’s rich all on it’s own.  My husband tells me that the spicy clove and banana flavors actually come from the type of yeast that’s used in its brewing.

While it’s so very tasty, I must warn you – it’s like bread in a glass:  very filling!  So – skip dinner and drink a few of these on the deck instead one summer night!  Cheers!

Where is the love? Starr Hill, of course!

There is a lot to love about Starr Hill’s “The Love”.  It’s a German Hefeweizen, but surprisingly light in body and not overly “wheaty”.  The slight hints of banana along with the crisp taste of cloves make this unfiltered wheat a hit.  I used to be a Hefeweizen lover, but came to found them too filling.  It’s nice that Starr Hill has managed to balance the body and flavor to make such a great, yet less filling beer.  Yet another summer treat I’m adding to my “must have” list for cookouts!


Blue Moon – Ugh!

I went through this Belgian White stage years ago… if there was a Belgian Wheat beer around, I’d drink it (hold all the crappy fruit though, please).  When I saw that this new brewery (or at least one I hadn’t heard of) called Blue Moon was now making a Belgian White Ale that you could buy at any grocery store, I was floored – I must have!  Once the six-pack was mine, I had a big ‘ole gulp of this new ale.  I swear, I almost spit it out… I know that sounds harsh – but it tasted like soapy water to me.  Belgian Whites are supposed to have a coriander and orange peel taste – and this one was way off base, tasting more like lemon Dawn detergent.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting this new beer to taste as stellar as my beloved Hoegaarden, but I really found it not to be drinkable.

Despite not having my patronage, Blue Moon has raged on – so I guess some people out there like it.  If you enjoy Blue Moon Belgian White, pick up a real Belgian White like Hoegaarden, and you’ll see why I was so confused with where they were going.

Widmer – have a glass, hold the lemon.

I remember my first Widmer… it may have actually been my first wheat beer ever, and it came with a lemon.  I soon had a love of wheat beers, but  I found that lemons were for losers!  LOL.  Okay, not losers, but they really weren’t for me, or for beer drinkers that really wanted to taste their beers.  When I lost the lemon and embraced the amazing flavors, I loved that bread in a glass.

While I’ve since moved on from wheat beers, I can still appreciate that thick beautiful blonde glass of carbs – I really enjoy more malt these days.  So here’s to you Widmer… you still have a special place in my heart!