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Generic Beer not so Generic


If you don’t know by now, Costco has it’s own beer!  That’s right, Kirkland brand beer, and it’s really quite good.  We purchased a mixed pack to try it out as it was inexpensive, but we didn’t really have high hopes for this store-brand brew.  Surprisingly, it was delicious and each style was true to form.  Upon further investigation, we found that Gordon Bierch Brewery actually makes this beer for Costco.  If you haven’t tried Gordon Bierch, they make high quality stuff!


When you take your next trip to Costco, pick up a mixed pack of Kirkland Beer – one of my favorites out of the pack is their German Lager – yum!


Chocolate Lovers… A Beer for You!

When I first saw the description of the Choklat Stout by Southern Tier Brewery, on a local beer menu, my first thought was “I have got to try this!”.  Brewed with real bittersweet Belgium Chocolate, this Imperial Stout is a chocolate lovers dream in a glass.  As I sipped on my large glass of bliss, I didn’t even need dessert – although, at 11%, I could only allow myself one- darn!  Southern Tier Brewery makes lots of great other beers, but if the Choklat is on the menu, that’s the one I’ll choose every time!

A Beer for the Cul-de-sac


As the days get warmer, I find myself chillin’ in the cul-de-sac with one of my favorite brews – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  It’s perfect for a warm day – crisp, hoppy and not overly complicated.  Sierra Nevada makes lots of wonderful beers, but this one is available year round.  This pale ale can always be found in our fridge, so if you’re ever near our cul-de-sac, stop by for one!

Not just one, but two hearts!


Yes, I think this is a time where the picture is pretty much self-explanatory!  It’s one of my favorite IPAs – truly floral and delicious… enough said!



Stella Artois is a Lager brewed in Belgium.  Lagers aren’t my favorite, but they are good on a hot day – mainly because they’re so crisp and light and normally only have around 5% ABV.  I have friends who have left their typical domestic lagers and branched out by starting with Stella Artois.  In my opinion, it’s much better than  your average light lagers.  So, if you’re a typical Bud or Miller person, take a chance on Stella, you won’t be disappointed!


Anchors Away


Yes, that is my weak little arm… but I couldn’t resist making this Anchor cap my fake bicep tattoo!   Cute, eh?  So – this cap is obviously from Anchor Brewing.  I remember having my first Anchor Steam beer back in 1998 at River City Dinner in Downtown Richmond, VA.  Before that beer, I’d only drink Newcastle – but that one little bottle of brew from San Francisco opened my eyes to try new beer.

This particular cap is from a bottle of Anchor’s Old Foghorn Ale, which is a Barleywine Style Ale.  I do love Barleywines but haven’t tasted this one, so I assumed it was a cap of my husband’s.  I asked him “Was the Old Foghorn good?”, and he replied with, “Good?  It was delicious!”.  So there you have it – a delicious Barleywine from Anchor Brewing!

Happy Guinness Day!


St. Patty’s Day calls for a Guinness!   I prefer mine with Bass on the bottom, which is also known as a “Black & Tan”.  Another traditional way to serve Guinness is with Harp on the bottom, which is called a “Half & Half”.  Either way you serve them, I call it “Delicious”.  It’s especially fun when you get a great bartender who knows how to make shamrocks in the beer foam!  Don’t forget to wait until the Guinness is “ready” before you drink it – as all of the foam needs to rise to the top.  Once it looks like a coffee with a thick head, drink up!  Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Oh, Oh, Oh It’s Magic, you know…

Today’s cap is from Magic Hat Brewing Company.  I’m assuming this particular cap was from a #9, because we had a lot of those left over recently (since I don’t really care for that brew).  The #9 isn’t horrible, but it boasts an “apricot flavor” that isn’t my favorite.  Okay, okay – don’t get upset with me if you love Magic Hat… I mean, they do make a couple of beers that I think are pretty good.  The Lucky Kat  is a wonderful IPA (which they say stands for Irresistible Pale Ale), that I enjoy a lot.

One of the things that I really enjoy about this brewery though, it’s their artistry.  From the illustration of their labels to the fun messages on the inside of their caps, you can tell these people have a good time with their jobs.

So, hat’s off to you – Magic Hat… you may not win me over with your “#9 not quite pale ale”, but lots of people love it.

Best Tripel Ever!


If you haven’t tasted a Tripel Karmeliet from Brouwerij Bosteels Brewery, you’re missing out on the best Abbey Tripel ever!  If you’re not sure what a Tripel style tastes like, I’d say it’s crisp, clean, strong (most are 8%+), normally bottle conditioned (yeast is at the bottom of the bottle, so you may not want to empty the whole thing into your glass) and yummy!  This delicious recipe started way back in 1679 – and wow those Belgians know how to make  beer!  Next time you’re at the beer store, pick up a 750ml bottle of this awesome brew and share it with a friend – you won’t be disappointed!

Fit for a Queen…


Newcastle Brown Ale was one of the first “real” beers I fell in love with.  When I had an apartment on my own, I couldn’t afford to buy it though, as it’s so much more expensive than Miller Lite.  I started dating my “to be” husband, who was dabbling in home brewing and also shared my love of beer.  I think he won my heart the first time that he showed up at my apartment with a white paper bag, which contained a six-pack of Newcastle.  He certainly knew how to win me over – and I still love them both.