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Terrapin – Hopsecutioner IPA

With a name like “Hopsecutioner”  you can assume it’s going to be full of hops – actually six different types of hops, to be exact!  My husband enjoys this beer and loves the complexity of the hop flavor.  I can say it’s a good beer, however I’m not a lover of hop overload, like my husband.

I hear Terrapin makes some other really tasty brews that I’d like to try – like the Hop Karma Brown Ale – which should have lots of hop flavor, but also satisfy me need for maltiness; and a Belgian Style Scotch Ale, which says it was in limited release – I bet it’s delicious!




Sierra Torpedo

Torpedo by Sierra Nevada is some pretty hoppy stuff!  I enjoy the regular Pale, and can have one of these Torpedos, but can’t handle a second – it’s just too hoppy for me.  It kinda kills my taste buds for anything else.  My husband, on the other hand, LOVES this brew!  He actually prefers it over the regular Pale Ale by Sierra – and would probably even add some dry hop leaves on top for garnish!  Yes, I married a Hop Head!

Back in the day, I would only drink browns or wheats, I’d try a sip of my husband’s beer and tell him it tasted like erasers (the hoppy or bitter taste).  I have grown, over the years to appreciate hoppier beers, but I guess EXTRA hoppy is an acquired taste that I haven’t reached, yet.