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Light Beer… Never! Okay, maybe just one!


I had my phase of light beers, way before I started trying bolder beers with more flavor.  I’m not sure what my attraction was to those watered down lagers.  I do understand people not wanting a beer gut, but seriously, after branching out and trying other “real” beers,  I’d rather have a couple of really awesome beers than a few mediocre light beers.  Although I don’t normally choose a light beer, there are three (yes, only three) light beers that I think actually have flavor.  One is Amstel Light, the other is Yuengling Light and the last is Sam Adams Light.

At one point in my life when I was drinking a much more popular, but less flavorful light beer (I won’t name names) – I was introduced to Sam Adams Light by a friend.  He was like, “It tastes like real beer!”; and he was right – it was really quite good!  It doesn’t taste like someone mixed a regular lager with water – it tastes it was brewed to make people happy (both with flavor and less calories)!  I’m glad I came across this cap tonight, I may have to go buy a six pack of this soon… I mean, it is almost bathing suit season!



Light, but not watered down!


I must admit, I started my beer journey with Miller Lite – shocker, I know!  My next step in “beervolution” was Amstel Light.  While I can no longer drink Miller Lite, I still enjoy an Amstel from time to time and it’s actually a pretty tasty beer.  Most light beers leave out flavor and give you a watered down version of “beer”, you won’t find that with Amstel – AND it has less calories than your average beer – for you those of you watching your “girlish figure”!  So, wear your bikinis and still drink well!