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Am I “Wacko” because I’m not really crazy about Magic Hat?


Sorry I’ve been on hiatus for the last week or so; first a hurricane and then a beach trip – but I’m back with lots of caps!  Before our beach trip, we picked up a seasonal mixed pack of Magic Hat.  I thought I liked their beer, but after drinking each one of these styles in the mixed pack, I’m really not a fan.  The “Wacko” is a light beer with added beet juice “for color” (as they note).  While I give them props for trying something cool and unique, all I could smell was beet juice – not a fan of beet beer.

Next I had their “Blind Faith” – while it wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t anything special either.  It’s an IPA, and while it had a lot of hop flavor, I thought it was thin and lacked any other richness.  I’d much prefer a Sierra Nevada.

Let’s move on to the “Single Chair”.  It was a light Golden Ale with a little bit of wheat flavor, but again, nothing special.  I didn’t care to waste my 150+ calories on that one.

The finale in this seasonal pack was the “Number 9”, which is the only one that I drank in its entirety.  It had a tad of hop flavor and actually a little body.  It probably wouldn’t be my first choice when picking out beers, but drinkable it was.

Magic Hat has some of the best artistic bottle labels and wittiest beer caps of almost any other craft brewery, so it’s sad that the beer isn’t as extraordinary.

On a final (happy) note, I do really like Magic Hat’s “Lucky Kat”.  It’s a perfectly hopped, deliciously flavorful beer – and even though I have a pet peeve about products that are purposefully misspelled  – I still enjoy this brew.

Don’t take my word for it… try all the beers for yourself, who knows, you may love them!





Vinyl – Smooth and Classic, As it Should Be!

I’m not a big Lager fan, but there are some Amber Lagers that I enjoy.  After helping friends with a pony keg of Vinyl this weekend, I decided this is one of them.

Magic Hat makes a variety of great tasting brews, but the Vinyl should be on your Summer shopping list!  It’s super smooth, not too heavy, and has just the right amount of malt and hop flavor for a “semi-lawnmower” beer (I mean, even as delicious as they are, I can’t always drink Brown and Scottish Ales – especially in the heat!).  It was a hot one this weekend, and this Amber Lager really hit the spot.  Cheers!