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Modelo – Especial? Eh…

Negra Modelo is a dark lager that I gusta mucho!  Having such high regard for Negra, I guess I expected more from it’s little sister, Modelo Especial.  The Especial is a very clean, crisp and light lager – but it’s so thin, it’s barely worth drinking in my opinion.  Maybe I’ve been spoiled by the sharp Pilsners and dark, rich Brown Ales so much that I really don’t have a taste for the average lager anymore.  I can say that it doesn’t have the horrible corn aftertaste of Miller and Budweiser – so that gives it an advantage, and it’s nice that they do offer this lager in a can for versatility.

When craving a beer, I’d prefer the Negra Modelo over the not so “Especial”.

The Gold Cap for a Gold Standard

The gold foiled cap on top of the Negro Modelo is so appropriate – almost like a little gold medal for this fabulous lager.  It’s so delicious with Mexican food – not to heavy, but still flavorful (unlike a certain “Mexican” beer that starts with a C and ends with “rona”).  It’s a nice, slightly darker lager that stands up to bolder foods and is also good on its own on a hot summer’s day!   Our local grocery store had the twelve packs on sale for $11 recently and I felt like we’d won the lottery!  And, did I mention it’s so much better than that “C” beer?  😉

Once I decided to use this as tonight’s cap, I suddenly started craving salsa (so was born my tomato and garlic picture)!  I think it’s Pavlovian, as I normally order Negro on tap at our local Mexican place.  Yum… Negro and salsa!