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Sam’s Winter


Sam’s Oktoberfest is sadly gone, and replaced on taps all over with Sam’s Winter.  Oh how I miss you, Oktoberfest!

I don’t mind Samuel Adam’s Winter Lager, but I don’t really see it as anything special.  Now all of you Sam fans… don’t “boo” me – I normally sing the praises of this brewery, but this seasonal just doesn’t scream “drink me”, in my opinion.  Is it bad??  – Not at all!  It does have its good points, like a maltiness that warms you… but I guess when I think of Winter beers, I think of something like the Snow Goose seasonal; a beer brimming with spice and heartiness!

Maybe I was just aiming too high, especially when I’ve been so impressed with the other Sam Adams brews – like their Holiday Porter and Old Fizziwig – that I’ve mentioned in previous posts.

Don’t worry, I’ll still drink it – I don’t pour out a decent beer!  Cheers!


Sam – you’ve done it again!

Of course I mean Jim… but you get the gist!
This year’s Winter Sampler Pack from Sam Adams is a pleasant surprise! Not only have they kept the delicious Old Fizziwig, they got rid of that Cranberry Lambic. You know that Lambic… the one that no one ever drinks – and it sits in your fridge for a least a year until you can pawn it off on some unsuspecting house guest.

The new and improved mixed 12-pack has a lot of scrumptious flavors and unlike most mixed seasonal packs, I love them all!

One in particular that I’d like to mention, is the new Holiday Porter. It’s dark and rich with lots of roasted malt and hints of caramel. It’s not overly spiced with extra cinnamon or anything, so you can enjoy the true malty Porter flavor.

I’m planning to drink lots more out of this 12 pack, so I’ll be posting reviews on the Black & Brew (Coffee Stout – yum) and the Old Fizziwig soon!

Cheers and Happy Weekend!

Campfire Beer – Literally!


Here Sam Adams goes again… making one of these craft brew styles that most mainstream beer breweries dare not try.  I swear, Sam, you’ve got balls – and I am constantly impressed with you.

I’m not a Rauchbier fan, and if you’ve ever had a Rauchbier, you’d probably agree that it’s easily described as “smokey”.    I took a sip of this, and it tasted like a beer that I sat beside a campfire, forgot about for like 4 hours, then found again and drank; again, not a fan.  It does have some great malt character, but it reminds me of that “liquid smoke” stuff that people add to their chilis and stews.  Now, even though I didn’t like the taste, the smell is awesome and reminds me of Fall!

Keep on keepin’ on, Sam Adams; even though you don’t always hit my palate right on, you make me proud!