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Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Beer


I walked through Trader Joe’s recently, looking for a good Fall beer.  I came across a pumpkin beer by Kennebunkport (or Federal Jack’s), which Trader Joe’s carries.   Kennebunkport makes some great beers, including an IPA and a Vienna Lager which were both tasty – so, I figured it was worth a try (and at only $6, a steal).  This Pumpkin was crisp, fresh and full of bright pumpkin flavor.  It wasn’t as sweet as I expected it to be, but the cinnamon and nutmeg gave it a spicy bite, which was delightful.

If you’re ever in Trader Joe’s – pick up some of this brewery’s beer; it’s very inexpensive and the full flavor will surprise you.


Kennebunkport IPA – A Trader Joe’s Find

Whenever we visit Trader Joe’s, we look in their beer/wine section, as they’re always sure to have something new, special and affordable!  We found this Kennebunkport IPA – around $6 for a six-pack – pretty cheap for a decent IPA.  Evidently this beer is brewed by Federal Jack’s Brew Pub in Kennebunk, MA.

Over all, the flavor was really good, crisp – like an IPA should be and wasn’t overly hoppy or grapefuity.  I wouldn’t say it was my favorite IPA, but it was pretty good (especially for the value).

Make sure to try out some of those cheaper beers at Trader Joe’s as you may be surprised!

Trader Jose – cheaper alternative to Negra?

I stumbled across “Trader Jose” when I was shopping at Trader Joe’s one day (get it… Trader Jose, because it’s their Mexican style beer?? Ha, ha!).  It was too cheap not to try, so I bought a sixer.  To my pleasant surprise, this cleverly named supermarket generic tasted similar to Negra Modelo.  I love Negra Modelo; it’s malty goodness just warms my heart!  I don’t go shop at Trader Joe’s just for the beer, but when I’m there, I certainly pick up a six-pack, since I know it’s enjoyable (and again, did I mention cheap??).

While “Trader Jose” can’t replace Negra (in my heart at least), it does have a nice comparable flavor with a slightly cheaper price tag.