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Blue Moon – Ugh!

I went through this Belgian White stage years ago… if there was a Belgian Wheat beer around, I’d drink it (hold all the crappy fruit though, please).  When I saw that this new brewery (or at least one I hadn’t heard of) called Blue Moon was now making a Belgian White Ale that you could buy at any grocery store, I was floored – I must have!  Once the six-pack was mine, I had a big ‘ole gulp of this new ale.  I swear, I almost spit it out… I know that sounds harsh – but it tasted like soapy water to me.  Belgian Whites are supposed to have a coriander and orange peel taste – and this one was way off base, tasting more like lemon Dawn detergent.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting this new beer to taste as stellar as my beloved Hoegaarden, but I really found it not to be drinkable.

Despite not having my patronage, Blue Moon has raged on – so I guess some people out there like it.  If you enjoy Blue Moon Belgian White, pick up a real Belgian White like Hoegaarden, and you’ll see why I was so confused with where they were going.