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I Found the Holy Grail!

I found out that they now sell the Holy Grail Ale in six packs – I only ever remember it in larger 500ml bottles.  My husband snagged said prize (it was hard to miss with the glowing lights and angels singing around it) and brought it home for us to drink.  Wow – after my first sip I’m reminded how appropriately named it is.  I love the malt and hop flavors… and seeing as it’s brewed in England – it has that “English water” taste.  You know what I’m talking about right – that taste that is so hard for brewers here to duplicate?  That English water really adds to the malty richness and full mouth feel of the beer.  Just by tasting it, I wouldn’t have guessed that it’s only 4.7%ABV – it seems so much bigger.  I’m thankful for the lower alcohol content though, it’s nice to have a beer you can sit back and enjoy 2 (or 5) of.  🙂

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the tie in to Monty Python – as I love “The Holy Grail” movie!  I didn’t test it out, but I’d be willing to bet they engineered these bottle caps to float so it’s easier to determine who’s a witch.


North Coast – Old Stock Ale… Stock Up!

I had the pleasure of sharing a 2008 Old Stock Ale the other night.  If you’re not familiar with the Old Stock Ale from North Coast Brewing Company, it’s BIG – 12.5% and full of rich malt and tons of hops.  They actually put lots of hops into this particular beer with the intention that buyers will age these beers; when they do finally pop the cap to partake, it will be full of rich flavors –  all of the different elements melded to perfection.

This Old Stock that I tried was so unbelievable – it was like a fine aged red wine – so smooth, complex and tasty.  The hops were totally on the tip of your tongue, but the maltiness was definitely the boss in this beer.   I imagine if you tasted the Old Stock Ale shortly after it was brewed, you would taste an overwhelming amount of hops – but having a little over two years to mellow, it was so balanced and beautiful.  Thumbs up from this girl – stock up and let it age!