It’s not a beer, but certainly “Grand”

Okay, so it’s not a beer cap, but it is a cap none the less.  When I’m feeling “beered out” I love to freshen my palate with a small snifter glass of this nectar of the gods!  Grand Marnier is a French liquor that is flavored with oranges.  It’s perfect to mix in desserts, alcoholic concoctions and to even drink alone (which is how I prefer it).  Now don’t be fooled if someone tells you that Triple Sec or Cointreau taste the same as Grand Marnier – yes, they all have an orange flavor – but none are as rich and balanced as Grand Marnier.  This liquor may be more expensive than the other orange liquors, but it’s so worth it.

The next time you need a break from beer and would like a little dessert in a glass, remember this delicious find!


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