Leffe – The Brown you can’t buy in the U.S.!

When my husband and I first started dating, he raved about this beer that he had while backpacking through Europe.  In a small, very old brewery in Brugge, he stubbled upon Leffe Brown.  It was one of the most delicious beers he had tasted and actually started his quest for “good beers” – straying away from your run of the mill, random domestics.

We searched for this beer from state to state but, much to our despair, were told that they only sold the Leffe Blonde in the United States and that the Brown was not imported here.    I so wanted to try this beer my husband raved about, and he longed to have a taste again of what turned him on to craft brewing.

Fast forward a couple of years, to when we honeymooned on the Island of St. Maarten.  What a beautiful island filled with lots of different tastes and cultures!  One evening we stumbled upon a small German restaurant (yes, a German restaurant on a warm vacation island), but we love German food and German beer – so it was certainly a find!  Inside, the small bar/eatery boasted a number of delicious beers, one being the long sought after Leffe Brown.  We drank the four beers the kind owner had on hand, and she even ordered us another four to pick up a couple of days later.  It’s rich, chocolaty malt and has that distinctive Belgium beer taste.  It’s been a while since I’ve had it, but I can remember that it was wonderful.

So, I bet you’re wondering where this particular cap (or bottle) came from, eh?  Our friend was recently in Europe, knew our story about this legendary beer, found it and brought us one back. What can we say, we have great friends!  So, the reason the cap is still attached??  We haven’t opened it yet; we’re waiting for a special evening to share it together – maybe even a wedding anniversary?


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6 responses to “Leffe – The Brown you can’t buy in the U.S.!

  • Rufus' Food and Spirit Guide

    Does Easter count as a special occasion? I still remember a lot of the beers, or at least how good they were, when I was in Munich TEN years ago.

    • randommanda

      Yes, there are some delicious beers over the oceans! Easter is a special occasion, but after all of the ham and other beers – we didn’t have room! 😉 There’s always the 4th of July, right?

  • sweetandstout

    You guys must have been so excited to find your beer on St. Maarten!

    There’s something about not being able to get a particular beer that makes it even more desirable. I would love to get my hands on a bottle of Leffe Brown just to try it.

  • Ryan @ ABInbev

    Leffe Brown is coming to the US in Sept 2011. Keep an eye out for it in six packs and kegs. Cheers!

  • Carrie Cerdeiras

    I must confess I am not a beer drinker. My husband is a big enthusiast but I like wine. We were in Brugge ten days ago and not finding any (non-oaky) wine of my liking decided to try some their Belgians as we were visiting one of the local breweries. Tried several. Then tried Leffe Bruin…..truly delicious! The type of good taste that stays in your mind. Again, I am not a beer drinker but this left a lasting impression. Continued to drink it through the rest of our journey in Brussels, and (luckily) found it in Barcelona a few days later. Came back home to the States and to my dismay, all I found was the blonde version of Leffe (which I find insipid in comparison). However, our local large wine/beer supplier informed me it will (“finally”, her quote) coming to VA in October….
    I totally related with Randommanda’s husband memory of this great beer found in Brugge. May you, very soon, enjoy a great glass of it wherever you live!

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