Flying Fish – Exit 4 Rocks!


I realize this picture isn’t the best, but I’m trying to keep up with the blog while we’re out of town!  Good thing that our out of town visit is with friends that are total beer lovers!  When we arrived, I was greeted with a Paulaner Salvatore (one of my malty favorites)… delicious!  Next, we tried the Exit 4 from Flying Fish – part of their awesome “Exit Series” featuring a different beer for each exit off of the Jersey Turnpike.  I posted about another one of the “Exit Series” beers, but this “Exit 4” totally kicks panties!!  The style of this Exit beer is an American Trippel… I do enjoy the standard Belgian Tripels, but this American style is a little different.  It doesn’t have that banana belgian taste, but is still bottle conditioned and full of rock candy sweetness!

If you haven’t tried Flying Fish’s Exit Series, you must… I’ve only tried one I didn’t like so far (mainly due to it being brewed with oysters).  Pick up a bottle of each “Exit” though and have a Jersey Exit Party!


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