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Barrel Trolley – eh…


There was this beer, on the shelf, that I hadn’t tried – so I tried it.  Anything that says “Nut Brown Ale” gets my attention, as I am a “Brown Ale Girl”.

This beer was a little malty, but more for the amateur drinker and a little watered down for my taste.  When I’m drinking a Brown Ale, I want it to be bold and have a malty kick in the pants – much like my beloved Legend Brown Ale.  I didn’t get the nuttiness either… just some malt with some water.   Did I dump it out??  No, of course not – I’m not that harsh… I just think my expectations were a little high for this one.

Sure, this is a good beer for the average drinker, but if you love your Brown Ales – you may want to look elsewhere; Just saying.



Fat Tire – Traveling

My Brother-in-law took cross country trips on his motorcycle and always brought us home some beer that we couldn’t buy in VA.   A few years ago, he brought us some beer from New Belgium Brewing with a bicycle on the front.  Cool cap too, right?

My husband tasted Fat Tire before and loved it, but it was my first time trying this delicious brew.  Maltiness and hopiness swirl in perfect symmetry throughout this Amber Ale.  Caramel in color and with some nutty (for you Joel T.) undertones, it really is a great beer.  Imagine my surprise when they started selling it in our area (well not VA, but we did find it in NC) not to long ago – “SCORE”!

So, now that you don’t have to take a cross-country trip to get this brew – go pick it up!  I’ve heard rumors that they’re planning to distribute in Virginia soon to, so be on the lookout!