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Stillwater Dark Saison


My husband picked up some Belgian beers to share this weekend.  This particular beer is the Stillwater Artisanal.  My friend Monica describes it as, “perfectly balanced!”.  It has a rich, dark chocolate flavor up front, and a spiced caramel finish – without being sweet.

It’s an 11.2oz bottle, but plenty rich to share with friends!  Cheers!


A Trip to try!

A really good Belgian Style Tripel is worth its weight in gold!  One of my favorite American brewed (but Belgian Style) Tripel is the Golden Monkey, by Dogfish – but coming in a close second is Allagash Brewery’s Tripel.  It’s so crisp and delicious with notes of banana and honey; if they weren’t 9%, I could drink them all day!  When you drink a Belgian Style Tripel – make sure to drink it in the correct glass, as the fancy glass really does make a difference in the taste!

If you fine you like this style of beer, you may want to venture on the the Belgian brewed Tripels… which I’d recommend a Tripel Karmeliet… but that’s a cap picture and post for another day!  Cheers!

Blue Moon – Ugh!

I went through this Belgian White stage years ago… if there was a Belgian Wheat beer around, I’d drink it (hold all the crappy fruit though, please).  When I saw that this new brewery (or at least one I hadn’t heard of) called Blue Moon was now making a Belgian White Ale that you could buy at any grocery store, I was floored – I must have!  Once the six-pack was mine, I had a big ‘ole gulp of this new ale.  I swear, I almost spit it out… I know that sounds harsh – but it tasted like soapy water to me.  Belgian Whites are supposed to have a coriander and orange peel taste – and this one was way off base, tasting more like lemon Dawn detergent.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting this new beer to taste as stellar as my beloved Hoegaarden, but I really found it not to be drinkable.

Despite not having my patronage, Blue Moon has raged on – so I guess some people out there like it.  If you enjoy Blue Moon Belgian White, pick up a real Belgian White like Hoegaarden, and you’ll see why I was so confused with where they were going.