Long Weekend of Great Beer

I hope everyone had a wonderful, long weekend filled with great people and delicious brew!  This weekend, we found a sampler pack in which we actually liked EVERY beer!  That is hard to come by!  Red Hook has a fabulous sampler that features their ESB, IPA, Copper Hook and Pilsner.  Normally there is always at least one beer style in the 12-packs that I don’t care for – but all of these were yummy!  If I had to pick my favorite, it would be the Copper Hook – mainly due to it’s maltiness.  My second favorite was the Pilsner (which is weird because it’s the opposite of the Copper Hook) but it is such a clean, crisp Pilsner, that it’s perfect on a hot day.

I also love the new bottle shapes they have – sort of like the “Red Stripe” bottles.  It’s enjoyable too, to pop each cap and read a new little message under each.  Seeing things like “Cheers to 12oz. curls” or pictures of bananas, just makes you smile!

If you’re looking for a sampler to please everyone, pick this one up.


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